Husqvarna M/07 - 9mm Browning

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  • mawkie

    C&R Whisperer
    Sep 28, 2007
    -Same old story with me, like Moses in the desert I spend years upon years searching for just the right addition to the collection. This time around it was a Swedish Husqvarna M/07 service pistol. Most of the time in the US you'll find M/07s that were reworked by the Swedes and eventually imported into the US where they got a .380 barrel and markings. The reason being that .380 is much easier to find vs the original Browning 9x20mm Long chambering. I lean hard towards the pure collector end of the spectrum and so I was determined to find an original finish with original chambering.
    -After years of searching three examples of what I'm looking for pop up together in a midwest auction. All have some small flaws in the finish but are in overall VG condition. And of course I'm solely focused on the upcoming Redding auction and the Weimar Navy Luger which I ultimately snagged. So I let all three go without bidding, noting that they sold in the mid $600 range OTD.
    -Fast forward to September and the same auction house has "leftover" lots from the same collection and there's an even nicer M/07 in the catalog. The only flaw I can see is that the front sight was filed from a half moon profile to a roughly quarter moon shape. Otherwise, it's in excellent condition with the original high polish finish only found on the early examples, this having a SN in the mid 1600 range which dates production to 1917. So I put in a $475 proxy bid and sit back to watch it hammer for exactly that amount. OTD I'm at $600 with the vig and shipping.
    -She shows up today and looks even better than what the catalog photos showed. The only wear found from the lanyard ring and tiny edge wear. Haven't found an import mark which is perplexing, would have expected to find something. The inspector marks "TT and HK" are for armorer Tor Thorsson and inspector Helge Kolthoff. The "Browning's Patent" slide legend is only found on the first 5500 pistols, discontinued after FN complained as this was part of their trademark.
    -Some time ago I ran across a very rare Swedish Navy M/07 holster which features a single magazine pouch, vs the more commonly found dual pouch holster. So I already have a neat rig.


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    Jul 1, 2012
    Tough to find the early Browning Patent variant!
    The filed front sight was a Swedish arsenal modification, and I can't remember ever seeing one without it.


    C&R Whisperer
    Sep 28, 2007
    Wow, thanks for the info in the front sight, learn something new every day! Another patience pays off story for me. Or maybe less about patience and more about my OCD tinged personality.
    BTW, got hammered on the Webley-Fosbery. I went as far as $7K but the high bidder paid just under $10K OTD. Knew I was going to be unsuccessful when a lesser condition example sold earlier in the week on GB by Commonwealth for well above my proxy bid. But already scheming to bid on other bits of unobtanium that are coming up soon. Contrary to rumors, none of it in the HH auction. ;)


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Dec 6, 2012
    Not a big C&R guy myself but I always look forward to your posts. That is a stunning piece.

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