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  • Dr_Chucky

    Junior Member
    Feb 15, 2020
    Frederick, MD
    A short introduction for me.

    I was exposed to shooting from a very young age. I was a boy of 14 in Arkansas, when I first was given a .410 single-shot break-open shotgun that I used for rabbit and squirrel hunting. From there I used many types of shotguns and various “deer rifles.” White-tail deer are plentiful in that area of Arkansas. Over the years I have purchased several guns for everything from home defense to “Hey, this thing is fun to shoot.” I thoroughly enjoy burning through .22 rounds using a pistol. Affordable and fun. Beautiful combination.

    Now I do my hunting in the grocery store. I have yet to bite into a piece of buck shot since converting to this style of hunting. :)

    In addition to this I spent 10 years in the U.S. Navy. While serving there I primarily used a .45 pistol, M-14, and a 12-gauge shotgun. However, my primary job was technical. I was on submarines, so we wore many hats due to the small crew size. I believe those are no longer used in the modern Navy.

    I wound up in Maryland after the government made me an offer that I could not refuse. Unfortunately working for the government has been everything I expected and more… thank God for bourbon.

    Living in Maryland is frustrating for me. This is the first state I have lived in that has cost me the most amount of money in taxes and given me the least amount of freedom in return.

    Currently, I visit the indoor range and shoot just for fun. “I like the boom.” I like the people who come to the range. The best days are when my wife and kids come.


    redneck gun toting member
    Jan 14, 2013
    Downey Oshunn
    Welcome from Frederick as well. Seems there are quite a few, should do a Frederick Meet and Greet at some point probably.

    Dave MP

    Retired USA
    Jun 13, 2010
    Farmland, PA
    [FONT=&quot]Welcome from PA![/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Thank you for having the courtesy to introduce yourself.
    Take a look at these helpful links – LOTS of amazing info!

    [/FONT]Rules are written in the stone, Break the rules and you get no bones, all you get is ridicule, laughter, a shine box, and a trip to the house of pain.
    Range Etiquette and Staying Safe

    Admin News and Announcements

    Gun Rights and Legislation

    Industry Partners

    MD Shooters Firearms Map

    Acronym list[/FONT]


    Junior Member
    Feb 15, 2020
    Frederick, MD
    I did not expect so many “hellos.” Warmed me up a bit this cool morning. To all thank you.

    Thank you for making me smile. I did not consider it that way when I typed it. No, not that type of housed.

    I may wind up in Pennsylvania in the future. I know the wife will want to stay close to the kids. It may be the best way to make retirement more financially viable and keep us within striking distance. Several of the people I used to work with retired there for those same reasons. Right now, the commute would be too difficult for me. Currently I leave the house at 0430 and get home at 1630 and that is just for an 8-hour workday.

    There have been times, and I am sure there will be more, where “hosed” would be more accurate.

    @ jplum
    Thank you for your kind invitation. I did not know that club was there. Thurmont is a nice area. I bought my truck at Criswell there.

    @Dave MP
    Those are quite useful links you have there. Appreciate the share.

    “One ping only…”, is that a subtle reference to “The Hunt for Red October”? That is one of the more accurate submarine movies out there. When it comes to the military Hollywood is just ridiculously inaccurate. “Das Boot” (The Boat) is the most accurate I am aware of. It was very popular from some reason with the crew I worked with.

    A point and greet, I really like that thought. I am only aware of the indoor ranges (Heritage and The Machine Gun nest). They may be open to a private event, but that will likely induce some added cost. In a more informal way, we could just all show up at the same time at a designated place. It is worth a shot. :innocent0


    Active Member
    Aug 6, 2011
    Welcome from Frederick as well. Seems there are quite a few, should do a Frederick Meet and Greet at some point probably.

    Great idea - been a long while since the last one (roughly summer of 2013)

    Any venue suggestions? Attaboy Beer, Idiom and Creekside are all decent sized and located Downtown on Carroll Creek...


    Junior Member
    Nov 3, 2019
    Welcome... greetings from southern maryland

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