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  • BlueHeeler

    Active Member
    Apr 28, 2010
    Washington, DC
    DC is a whole new ball game thanks to some MDS members at the hearing.

    The new procedure is here for DC residents:

    The big deal is the change to online training. Formally DC resident had to pay an instructor ~$200 for 4 hours of training plus live fire qualification. If you wanted a shotgun or rifle, you had to qualify with a pistol, go figure. That was bogus from the start because it was near impossible to find an approved instructor to come out for one person no matter what you wanted to register. The approved instructors were mostly employed teaching classes of security agents so they had no interest in teaching a single person from DC.

    Personally I was VERY lucky to find an instructor who is also a friend of the family on the list. It was also near impossible for qualified instructors to join the DC list. One MDS member and solid instructor (whom you know) tried to get on the list and it was impossible. The list was nothing more than a political game to make registration as difficult as possible.

    At the hearing, I implored DC to follow Maryland’s more relaxed standard of online training rather than live fire and training. Unbelievably DC did it!

    Honestly I saw the moment that the online training idea clicked with the politicians during the hearing. That moment was precisely after I said, “The great thing about online training is DC will have absolute content control and a decision about who is eligible for ownership.” They lapped that up. On some level I was being facetious, but it worked. I was also pushing to make registration easier for law abiding people. At the end of the day it was success I suppose.

    Welcome to DC, we can own firearms without giving a kidney.:thumbsup:


    Head'n for the hills
    MDS Supporter
    Dec 21, 2008
    SoMD / West PA

    Training is now easier for DC folks, next thing you know the MPDC will brush up on firearms law. :D

    More MD people need to read this. Who are trying to push for more training and how government exploited it.


    Active Member
    Apr 28, 2010
    Washington, DC
    My friend and DC neighbor approached me to say, “Did you hear about DC’s new gun regulations?” Obviously I do know, but I played it cool to hear his opinion. Finally the obtrusive hurdles have been lifted for law abiding citizens like him. He is an upstanding person and bought a brand new Glock 17. This is a big deal that regular law abiding citizens are now willing to go through “the process” to legally register.

    The current system is not perfect, but the more firearms in the hands of good people, the better.


    Active Member
    Apr 28, 2010
    Washington, DC
    Whoa...good for you!

    How much of a role did Emily Miller play in all this and did she cover it for the Times?

    She was absolutely critical. The reason is she is intelligent and a petite white woman. It is DC and sadly race is always an issue.:tdown: She provided a fresh account of registering a firearm from a noob perspective. She gained significant traction by saying she did not want to attend firearms training at some random dude's house which was the process. She was right on that.

    She also gloated under testimony about her knowledge of the 3 firearm safety rules. To me that was leverage to create a divide between well meaning instructors while dismissing live fire as a requirement. I believe in 4 firearms safety rules. IMHO she was trained poorly, and DC law had no standardization for training.

    FWIW the missing rule was 'Assume every firearm is loaded.'


    Watch your beer
    Jan 23, 2011
    Race is usually the pre-emminent issue.

    It really didn't have anything to do with race. Its because she is attractive, intelligent, articulate, and had people like Erik helping her during her process.

    That and coupled with the only other people that could have done it would have been upstanding out of state resident residents who got caught going into a museum while carrying (thinking their permit was valid) and were arrested.

    Any number of D.C. residents, white, black, asian, blue, orange, or that baby shart green would have made great canidates for her position but didn't have the news media plug in that she had and thus would have been less effective in message conveyance.

    Don't make this a race issue.......celebrate all the hard work erik and Emily have put into making it easier for the rest of the citizens who actually want guns.

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