Hogan Addresses G and S!!!

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  • camo556

    Active Member
    Aug 29, 2021
    You had a magic wand that wasn’t a sexual innuendo? Should you own firearms? I had a rock. I had to share it with my brother. We shared the same pair of pants, too. Don’t ask.
    I had to share my pants with my sister. While she was in them. We are from West Virginia.


    Junior Member
    Jan 16, 2021
    So if you can legally buy a gun, get finger prints, and training, you shall get issued a permit regardless of what your employer says, previous arrest but not convictions, college GPA and references say?

    It just seems too good to be true.
    Yup I been arrested but not convicted of the crimes and I have a ccw and yes I am in Baltimore city


    Dec 22, 2018
    I have suddenly soured toward Sgt Pickles.
    He might have been told on 6/30 but was also told to wait a week for frosh to finish his crying. And also to make sure frosh did not try to stop it, as that would be even worse. Aka hogan says its gone, and frosh files a lawsuit and then its back.
    Sep 1, 2018
    AnyTown USA still counts defensive firearms use resulting in justified homicide as a homicide in their stats. So with more permit holders they still will be able to post up numbers showing what they want people to see.


    Throbbing Member
    MDS Supporter
    Apr 26, 2012
    well that old ass Windows 2003 32 bit 2GB ram 200MB drive server that really was not used due to denials is now overwhelmed lolol


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Feb 2, 2016
    Maybe we should be a whole lot more vocal in asking just how many of this year's projected 350 plus murders were committed by HQL and permit holders. How about the non-fatal shootings? They won't offer that answer. They'll avoid that answer at all costs, because they know damn good and well just how bad it will make them look.

    I increasingly don't care what they think. We're ladies and gentlemen, but we've been far too accomodating for far too long. These politicians don't have a gun problem. They have a failed policy problem, a constituent problem in many instances, and a persistent evasion problem. Evasion is where they invariably turn when they get called on their constant misleading rhetoric and deflective ********.

    They've been told what they're going to do. Finally.
    What a great idea! Couldn't MSI FOIA this YTD or perhaps 2013-2021 info from MD?


    The Member
    MDS Supporter
    Aug 10, 2013
    Gaithersburg, Maryland
    What Hogan has done, can be changed by the next Governor. or so they think.

    What we need is the courts to say "self-defense" is a good and substantial reason, so no governor can take it away from us again!

    The SCITUS opined that we do not need to provide a reason to carry firearms outside the home.


    Throw bread on me
    Mar 13, 2013
    White Marsh, MD
    It is all down hill from 30, what used to hurt sometimes, hurts more often than not, get in your 40s and it hurts all the time.
    I told my wife when I was 30 I should've just gone in to the woods and let the ivy take me down. I wasn't totally wrong. More health issues in the last year than ever in my whole life.

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