Heads up on buying and strange PM's

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  • zoostation

    , ,
    Jan 28, 2007
    Just a reminder that if you are buying from another forum member or posted that you want to buy something, you may want to be very careful that the person you are talking with and possibly sending money to is actually that member.

    In other words be cautious if you get messages to the effect of "hey member XYZ123 is selling one of those widgets you said you wanted if you're looking for one. He can be reached at xyz email address."

    Remember if you get a message like that there's nothing that guarantees that email address some third-party sent you actually belongs to that member. It's possible it could be someone who wants to impersonate that member. Not accusing anyone of anything at this point, just a reminder to be careful.

    The Saint

    Black Powder Nerd/Resident Junk Collector
    Dec 10, 2021
    Baltimore County
    Guy tried to get me with it earlier on my Zip 22 WTB...the scammer didn't even try and sent me pics from the TFBTV writeup on the Zip.

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