Handgun I 4/10/10 After Action Report

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  • Chase

    Junior Member
    Dec 28, 2007
    CCJA, Tom Perroni, After Action Report
    My business partner and I spent yesterday in Fredericksburg, VA attending Tom Perroni’s Tactical Handgun I course at the Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy, owned by Tom. In summary. It was without a doubt the most educational, informative practical and fun day I have had with a gun in a long time. And at thes prices everyone should attend a course at CCJA.

    My business partner and I arrived to find a nice facility of classrooms, offices and an armory. The atmosphere was casual but all business. We were greeted promptly and made comfortable. After filling out the obligatory waivers and paperwork the class began.

    Tom and his assistant Mark went through classroom expectation and rules. No ammo, etc. We did use our guns in the classroom, a break from tradition but the point of safety was well made with many safety checks and inspections. Just leave all your ammo in the car, no loaded magazines, etc.

    Tom’s philosophy is very simple. He has only two rules for good shooting. He explains his concepts and strategies in a very straight forward and concise presentation. There is lots of demonstration and you are given plenty of time to practice these concepts with your dry gun. These classroom demonstrations really made a difference, especially when Tom helped me with my new grip and then he punched the barrel of my gun back at me with his fist to prove his grip was best. He and Mark are very receptive to questions and comments. There was no BS, just reasons for doing it his way and proof that it worked. However, they did make it clear that their way is only one way, not “the” way. This was evident in their attitudes and presentation to the class. Very little ego stroking, despite the extensive credentials that both men hold.

    After reviewing safety, grip, stance and the rest of the fundamentals Tom’s way, we broke for lunch. There are a number of places within walking distance, so no need to panic and rush.

    We returned to the classroom for a briefing on the range, rules and expectations. Then we played follow the leader for the 15 minute ride to the range. Nothing special, just a nice berm with a gravel floor. It was clean and a beautiful day too.

    The afternoon started with us shooting at torture dots. Quite a challenge, but with new instruction and encouragement, I was putting everything in the same bullet hole in minutes. Tom instructed everyone through this first part individually. It was nice to get the extra attention and instruction. We quickly moved on to drills using the rest of the dots with Tom calling numbers and us having to make quick adjustments. This was challenging and fun since I had just gained some new found shooting skills.. We progressed to the center of mass and head shot drills with great success here too. If not, Tom made sure you got attention and more instruction to resolve any issues. He had many variations of the drill and there was no time to get bored. We also never felt neglected or unimportant. It was obvious that the focus was on student performance and success from start to finish. We practiced administrative reloads and combat reloads to the point we didn’t have to be instructed any longer. We shot till slide lock, reloaded and kept going. The pace was fast and furious. We practiced malfunctions and jams. The instruction and practice ingrained the new skills in us very quickly.

    Tom and Mark must have thought the class was doing well because we quickly moved to the “fun” stuff. We shot standing, kneeling sitting on the ground. We shot laying down on our backs facing the target, had to sit while still aiming shoot again, then kneel , shoot again then stand a shoot again. INTENSE!! We shot on our backs facing away, over our heads backwards AND we hit the target. We shot standing shoulder to shoulder to simulate a firefight. You could feel the concussion from the guy next to you. The guy in the middle was kneeling so he was hit with casings all during the exercise, which was rapid fire with reloads. We shot from behind barricades, on the move from cover to cover. We shot next to the Suburban, behind the Suburban, over the Suburban, through the Suburban and even from inside the Suburban. What a blast!!! We shot at steel plates, (small ones) which became very competitive to see who was fastest. And remember, this is handgun ONE class. We also did close up drills, so close we could touch the targets, using a retention hold on the gun.

    As I stated, this was the best instruction and practice I have had. It was all in one day and I walked away from this a better shooter and with a new philosophy of shooting. I will return for Handgun II and III as well as the carbine and shotgun courses. I believe anyone and everyone would benefit with instruction from Tom. This report may sound like one of those articles in a gun magazine but I really mean it when I say this was the best!!! Visit Tom’s website www.ccjatraining.com. The prices are outstanding, the instruction is beyond compare and the facilities are great.. This is the best deal on the East coast. Everyone needs to experience Tom Perroni.


    Active Member
    Dec 9, 2007
    It speaks well for your class that you were able to get that much done. Tom pushes classes at their own speeds. Sounds like you guys were pretty squared away.

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