Gun culture 2.0

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  • camo556

    Active Member
    Aug 29, 2021
    This sociologist has been doing a lot of videos and presentations on Gun Culture 2.0

    Shocking statement from a sociologist (the profession skews hard left): Most of the 400 million guns in this country, on any given day, arent doing anything bad.

    Mine are begging me for a bath.


    Cheaper Than Diamonds
    Jan 14, 2012
    Bel Air
    “Gun Culture” hasn’t been Duck Dynasty for decades. :lol2:

    That's exactly what he said starting at 3:45.

    He also acknowledged that self-defense is a right. And that "There's no direct connection between the valid use of guns within American gun culture and the negative outcomes we see".

    "Light over heat" indeed. :thumbsup:


    Cheaper Than Diamonds
    Jan 14, 2012
    Bel Air
    From his first video in the series: "Guns are Normal"

    Drawing on data on negative outcomes with guns as a proportion of the total number of guns owned in the US (400 million), the total number of gun owners (76.56 million), and the total number of gun owning households (51.44 million), I conclude that guns and gun owners are VERY NORMAL. 99.85% of guns, 99.21% of gun owners, and 99.82% of gun owning households will not be involved in any fatalities, non-fatal injuries, or violent victimizations involving guns on any given day.

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