first time AR buyer. what is legal here?

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  • Docster

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    Jul 19, 2010
    Simple Answer - Stop looking at the internet , or reading Shotgun News . All the blowout sale prices are for 45 State Legal guns , not Md Compliant version . You will just tease and frustrate yourself .

    If it's on the shelf at Md dealer , it's legal .

    Check prices at MD dealers with rep for good prices , such as JLowes .

    The absolute cheapest may not be best choice , and a mid price @ $8-900 may be better value .

    Among Md Compliant AR , the Windom Weapons HBC is your yardstick for both price and quality .

    No , in Md you can't get the cool toys at cheap prices as in Free America . It's Maryland . Maryland sucks . Accept the suckage , or relocate across the state line .
    ^^THIS. Online dealers will often refuse to ship to restrictive states. Go to a local dealer and remember you get what you pay for. Looking for the "cheapest" is rarely a smart strategy


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    HEY, Let me see WHY I said anything in the first place.

    That was last year. Good bet he done sold it by now...

    The guy is still posting this year AND when I posted, he only had 22 posts and is STILL in other threads advertising Primers, Powder extra reloading stuff for sale.

    Since no one said it back then a year ago, but also said it today when he was at it again, I figured the Newbie didn't know or didn't care to follow rules.

    See Below for Farmerjohn.

    Not that I am razzing him or anything, but, He and other newbs need to know.


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    Well Hammer, so, what we just ignore old threads like those lefties ignore and teach to ignore History?
    Why report to a mod if I can simply post and the violator sees he needs to follow rules? Others said same thing in today's Thread where he broke same rule.

    Oh and just because a thread is old, doesn't mean we can't learn from it or add to it?
    What if the next time I look to buy and AR I am a " First time AR Buyer" in 2023, 2024, 2025, I can't learn rules or other stuff in 2021 2022 1999?


    MDS Supporter
    Jul 29, 2022
    Federalsburg, Maryland
    looking to buy my first AR15 and went to get the cheapest one I can find. I went to a gun shop and their lowest priced one was a lot higher than what I've seen online. are either of these legal to buy here if I don't get the magazine with it? what spec other than the magazine capacity can I NOT have in MD? I know I could read MD laws, but I thought maybe someone could save me time and give me the cliff notes. Thanks in advance

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    The Maryland State Police has a website for your typical firearms and so-called "regulated" firearms that can be bought at an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee), which include handguns and certain long guns. I bought an AR-15 from a manufacturer that had a similar looking rifle that was banned. I had to ask the MSP Licernsing Divison to review my rifle, and it was determined that it looked similar to, but did not the same parts as the Colt AR-15.

    Maryland State Police, n.d., Maryland State Police Firearms Search,

    Maryland State Police, n.d., Handgun Roster Board,


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    Aug 2, 2009
    Somewhat Oversplified :

    The heavily advertised low price AR advertised on the 'net or Shotgun News are almost always the Free America sku . simply from sales volume

    Often Mfg will have 1 or 2 specific sku's that are Md Legal, but they are lower volume , harder to get from distributor and jobbers , and usually not heavily discounted .

    Don't tease yourself with on sale guns you can't buy . Do shop around with MDS IPs .

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