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  • Matlack

    Dec 15, 2008
    A few points, selling to a dealer means 50% at best. Consignment means you loose 20% or more on sale price. Auction, you pay a fee. Private sale, you keep it all.

    If I were in the families shoes, I would try to sell as private for a specific time. Whatever was left would either go on consignment or auction. Then, anything left sold as a lot to whoever would buy it.


    Feb 2, 2013
    Harford County
    OP - If consigned or sent to auction, it would be great to let the folks on mds know where/when as there may be more than a few that would love to help out by acquiring quality pieces, especially c&r items!

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    Bob A

    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Patriot Picket
    Nov 11, 2009
    Remember even unregulated long guns are regulated now in Marylandstan , at least as far as transfer goes.

    For long guns, MD allows FFL03 (C&R) sales between licensees within the state. (Not sure if this applies only to C&R-eligible long guns).

    For $30 and month's wait, you can get a C&R license, good for three years. Lots of MDS members have them, so they're essentially exempt from the dumbass long gun law, as long as both parties have a license.

    Given that it's less than the price of a typical transfer transaction, it's hard to understand why one wouldn't get the license.

    Long guns and MD laws aside, you can have C&R-eligible firearms shipped to your door, with no interaction with local dealers or the MSP. (For regulated firearms - handguns - your C&R license doesn't get you any benefits in MD, but you can buy/sell between here and the other 49 states with perfect legality.)
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