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  • FastEddie33

    Junior Member
    Sep 9, 2023
    Sudlersville, Md
    Newbie from Sudlersville, Md...Glad to meet some new people who are local and share the 2A passion


    Active Member
    Welcome from LSD. Ever have Swinapple from the Meat Locker?


    Still learnin'
    MDS Supporter
    Feb 6, 2011
    Eastern Shore
    If you like bagel sandwiches, stop by the Bagery in Easton. A member here in MDS owns it and there is probably something tasty for everyone.


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    When is TI day?
    Sat 10/21/23:

    I have a standing offer to buy a beer for any MDS member who comes down and meets up with me on TI Day 10-3ish; even if to say hi and give them a beer.

    I wrote a bit about TI Day in some post but IDK which one. In short; it's not a huge event but it's spread out, family oriented, music, food, arts & crafts, auction, flea market, not expensive to enter. Very unique festival reflective of the shore; I've been to a few festivals around the US in CA, ID, CO, and this one is unique.

    Spend the Weekend or night in TI or SM or one of the vacation rentals in the area.

    I'll set up post in a few weeks with some insider bits that may help those coming down. Maybe a pole if I don't get the pole hammer first!:D

    Here is a NYT article about boat rodeo. TI's more plebian.


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