Does anyone use a 3X magnifier?

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  • Tower43

    USMC - 0311
    Jul 6, 2010
    Lusby, MD
    I have the PA RDS (tube) with a 3x Flip Magnifier on my Engage E4 Dissy. It really isn't all that extra heavy IMO, works great. I also have Magpul BUIS (rear only) as it' has a a Front Sight frame.

    It's my go to "SHTF" gun.


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    Nov 20, 2014
    severna park
    I bought a cheap one to use on my AR9 with a Sig Romeo 5. At 5X the red dot of the Sig is pretty distorted. At lesser magnification it is a little better. I can't remember the brand, but it was around $100 or so. More Chinese crap.
    Follow up to my post last month.
    I wrote to the company (Feyachi) that manufactures the 5X magnifier that I bought and was dissatisfied with it's performance. I told them that their product turned the dot from my Sig Romeo 5 into a dot with a line through it. They asked if I had an order number which I was able to find looking back on Amazon orders from almost two years ago. A few days later a new one arrived via FedEx. I did not have to send back the old one. The replacement is much better but still has a little distortion of the dot at its highest magnification. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this product at the $100 price point. Very happy with their customer service.


    Disinformation Governor
    Oct 17, 2020
    под скалой
    Depends on the gun but an HWS paired with a 3X is good for short/mid range work. Run older series G33s but they did come out with newer 5x G45s.


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