Dedicated .22lr 10.5” barrel with carbine FSB

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  • Russ D

    Active Member
    Nov 10, 2008
    Not a true dissipator, but still very cool. This is a Kino configuration from BCM. It's a carbine length gas system but a Mid length sight base. You get optimal gas timing with a more convenient sight radius. I got this same upper for one of my SBR's.

    Very cool, but this is 5.56. I need a dedicated .22lr

    John from MD

    American Patriot
    MDS Supporter
    May 12, 2005
    Socialist State of Maryland
    I was also thinking about getting a set screw FSB and dimpling an off the shelf 10.5 barrel. It won’t be battle durable, but should still work since it’s only a .22lr. Without the gas block shoulder it might be a little tricky getting in exactly the right spot. Are there any good companies still cutting and threading barrels for a reasonable price? Right to Bear has a dedicated M4 clone that would work perfect if cut down to 10.5”
    It's a range toy, don't worry about the setscrews. I have a couple of FSB's that I used set screws on and they haven't moved even though they get knocked around.

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