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  • Pale Ryder

    Active Member
    Jan 12, 2009
    If you have the ability to shoot during the week, AAF&G is a great place. However, it has restricted times for shooting. M-F centerfire hours are 10 to 4 and Sat it is 10 to 1. There is no centerfire shooting on Sun. Rimfire shooting is from 9 to dusk.

    Sounds good cuz I’m semi retired. Have to check it out. Thanks


    Dec 31, 2009
    My advice to anyone would be to not un-neccessarily over think your choice.

    I've got a Ten Point Titan with the crank system that my late wife got me for my birthday about 15 years ago, I think at the time it was something like $700 or $800 and it was the top of the line bow at the time. Since that time the only thing I've had to do to other than yearly maintenance (start and end of season cleaning, waxing, oiling) is to replace the spring in the crank system that automatically retracts the drawing sled after you cock it, and I used it broken for a couple of years before I even did just had to use the crank to retract the sled after you cocked it or cocked it by hand. I've never replaced the string or cables, though I think ten Point would say I should.....ever year I chrony it at the beginning of the season and the speed has always been the same...but then I'm not shooting it a lot, just to take deer and a few bolts to unload it or make sure the red dot is still sighted in. To me it's just like shooting a rifle and I get enough practice at that. I've proably taken 20 deer with it.

    Before this Ten Point I had a really really cheap Barnette Quad 300 I impulse bought from Sportsman Guide back in the early 2000s, it's what I started hunting crossbow with. Looking back on it now, it was really crappy...but it shot true and I took something like 45 or 50 deer it and I kept it as a backup to the Ten Point until one season about 5 year ago I was testing it before the start of a season and one of the limbs finally broke.....I sold the remains of it on eBay, a guy bought it to repair one he had broken.


    Apr 4, 2018
    That’s a very generous offer, I may take you up on it. Thanks.
    No problem brother. Just let me know if I can help. I'm gonna throw a couple bolts in a target one day this week after work to make sure it's still on. I'd be more than happy to help


    Undecided on a great many things
    Mar 7, 2013
    Fairplay, MD
    Do some reading up and pick one and don't go crazy on spending money. Crossbows' have become like compounds now where they have essentially hit the wall on designs. They got over 400 fps and stalled out. lots of new cross bows with X, Y or Z but they aren't that must different, or faster. Some of these high end crossbows are really nice, but can you justify over $1k price difference for what they give you. The added distance doesn't matter when it is a project moving slower than the speed of sound. Becuase a string jumped deer will not be on a tag for you.

    Pay attention to triggers and stuff like that. I bought a Killer Instinct 350 years back. It was good and killed deer just fine inside 40 yards. The release system failed and they just replaced it at a local shop. I just paid the local shops labor and KI gave them the parts for free. It was like a different crossbow with the new trigger and release on it. You will look at bows from the same manufacturer and very few FPS difference between them but some are more expensive. Look at the triggers and release on them and read comments about that. I'd rather have a better xbow a bit slower, than a faster one with cheaper parts.
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