Convert a Century Arms C39 into a C39 Micro?

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  • So I posted this in the handgun section (because it's a "hand gun") but got 0 replies so I thought I would ask here. I'm trying to find a CAI C39 Micro but am unable to, so I was wondering if it was legal to or we are able to just swap the 11.5" barrel & bolt it comes with with a 6.5" barrel & bolt for the C39 Micro. This is assuming I can find the parts are their any legal issues with doing it and how hard is it to do my knowledge of the AK 47 platform is basic I can field strip and shoot them that's about it.
    I didn't see the "micro" listed on the handgun roster like the C39's were listed C39 & C39 micro. Are we still able to get them if they aren't specifically named on the roster that way?


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    Jan 10, 2013
    Assuming the C39 you are starting with is a pistol there is no legislation that I am aware of, state or federal, that restricts you from shortening the barrel or replacing the barrel with a shorter one. I'm not familiar with the CAI C39's. One search I did produced a link to a rifle at Atlantic. If what you have is a rifle then you cannot, to my knowledge, convert it to a pistol. I'm not a lawyer, gunsmith, FFL or doctor but I believe that is a federal 'no-no'. Anyhow, if pistol to pistol, then shouldn't be a problem. The issue will be that the proper tools will likely cost you what it would cost to buy the pistol you are after.

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    Feb 2, 2011
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    I have seen micros around, not sure of the make but I have seen them at some of the shows in md. So, I would look to buy one rather than try to convert. I think it would be legal (this is md though and little makes sense) but may be almost impossible to get the parts for the conversion and even then it may not be gassed right, etc. I think it could be hard to do and may not turn out well in the end.


    Nov 19, 2012
    Md bs aside, the conversion will not be as simple as swapping the barrel. To make a hk pattern K-type you will also need to cut or replace the cocking tube which is welded to the receiver. Once the cocking tube has been addressed you can press in the new barrel, headspace via bolt gap and hope that you can reuse the pin slot without having to weld the barrel and re-drill.

    Edit--- Ah crap, nevermind my dyslexia... C39 not c93

    Pistol to pistol should not be an issue it's still technically the model you bought just with a different barrel. The roster only applies to new handgun purchases. It will be the piston on the carrier and barrel assembly you need to change plus the handguard. People change the barrels and slides on their pistols all the time. Checking headspace is an absolute must.

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