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    May 22, 2005
    The 50 post classifieds rule is there for a reason. Trying to circumvent it will not be tolerated. Rapid fire posts in an attempt to reach the 50 post limit will be deleted.

    You can bypass the 50 post rule by becoming a SITE SUPPORTER.

    Ultimately, it is to provide a minimal amount of protection to our members and the owner of this forum from fraudulent or illegal activity.

    The number of problems that we encounter are mercifully few and we attribute that to the simple policy of expecting that anyone wanting to make use of this valuable FREE service is going to make a minimal contribution to the community before using the classifieds.

    In the past, we've had some very questionable activity and thanks to our members' alertness we've been able to head it off before it becomes a problem.

    If someone tries to contact you via PM, lead you to a 3rd party classifieds site or makes a post along the lines of "I have a gun I'd like to sell, is $XX a fair price for it?", you should be concerned that there is a reason that they are trying to get around the established procedure for the classifieds.

    1) Sellers must close ads out once an item has SOLD.

    2) Please be sure to use the FEEDBACK system within the Classifieds.

    3) If you are a buyer, use the Commit to Buy button. Do not just PM the seller and negotiate the deal in a sidebar.

    This serves several purposes:
    a.In enables the feedback system.
    b. It locks other buyers out of the deal, ensuring that multiple people are not expecting that they are purchasers.
    c. It locks the ad and prevents zombie ads from floating around.
    d. It tracks the transaction in the unlikely event of a dispute.

    4) You are limited to 5 Ads at once.

    5) Price, location, and at least 1 photo required.

    6) Violate any rules or state laws with a classified ad and the staff reserves the right to close ads without notification.

    7) Effective October 1, 2013 we will no longer be allowing ads for anything that will be banned by SB281. This includes magazines over 10 rounds as well as SCAW (so-called assault weapons) that are banned by 281.

    The presumption is that the items listed here are intended for sale in Maryland. Thus, cannot be a party to the sale of anything that may be illegal under Maryland law.

    The new maximum for magazines being offered for sale in the classifieds is 10 rounds. Your ads will be deleted without prior notice if you advertise magazines that are not Maryland-compliant.

    8) Effective March 13, 2021, all sales for all previously non-regulated firearms must be compliant with the new legislation that was passed requiring that transfers must go through an FFL.
    Any ads for "cash", "cash and carry", etc will be removed.
    We don't like it either, but it's the law.

    9) If you violate this the ad is closed. Repeated violations will result in the loss of access to the classifieds.
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    Apr 11, 2008
    A member just received a month's vacation for continually ignoring the rules on the classifieds.

    It's simple.

    5 ads

    Don't bump your ads to the top

    Don't post things that are not MD compliant

    Play nice
    Please consider this your annual reminder.
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