Can you say, "Fourth Amendment Violation"? Moco and their drones.

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    Montgomery Kounty is at it again with their rampant lawlessness. Using drones now, but 'don't be concerned', we're just trying to see how far we can push it before we violate your 4th Amendment Rights. But then, if you're caught in their illegal web of deceit, you go broke fighting the system, because in MoKo, you pay both for your prosecuting attorneys and your defending attorneys, and they've upped your property taxes so much this year, they can afford to prosecute you for whatever they seem fit. Okay, my venting is done...for now. I'd go buy some more bulk ammo, but MoKo says it's illegal, but it's an illegal regulation within the county going against the state. But who's going to fight that? Okay, now I'm done venting.

    First article - Drones being used by MoKoPD.
    Second article - Fourth Amendment addressed.


    Not Even ONE Indictment
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    Feb 24, 2018
    Montgomery County
    If you're going to get wound up about drones, why haven't you been breathlessly shaking your fist at the State Police helicopters that have operated (with cameras, thermal sensors and more) forever? It's no different. It's what (from a due process point of view) is done with imagery taken by police - from the ground OR from the air.

    And ... there's nothing preventing you from buying bulk ammo in Montgomery County. You're many years out of date on that one.
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