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  • Harrys

    Short Round
    Jul 12, 2014
    Well the damn hammer finally broke after 15 years of use. I went on the inter web to see if I could find a puller specifically for .500 S&W and 45/70 heads. Well, that was time wasted. So I used a set of pliers on a couple of rounds, and they mired the heads so that was a no go. I did not want to go back to a hammer and then the light kicked on. I ordered a set of soft jaw plies from amazon with nylon jaws. Tried them out and no damage to heads and they come out like greased owl snot. Tried on the 30/30 and the same. I use the very tip of the jaws with the pliers straight up. Pulling down on the plies causes additional pressure on the jaws between the die hole on the press helping to tighten the grip.

    Here is what I bought.

    Igarashi IPS PH-165 Non-marring Plastic Jaw Soft Touch Slip Joint Pliers (Japan Import)​


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