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  • Gray Beard

    MDS Supporter
    Feb 23, 2023
    Glen Burnie, MD
    Last week I was at A&D pawn in Glen Burnie, Jimmy had 2 rough necks in stock at that time. One was 9mm and the other was 45LC /.410.

    Not all things are practical, it would be a boring world if everything was practical. I say if you like it and want it get it.

    I have one in .357 / .38 spl, it’s a hand full for sure and fun to shoot (for a few shots) I don’t carry it, it’s just for fun. It’s like that Clint Eastwood movie with the American Indian and the rock candy, “it’s not for eating, it’s for looking through”.


    No One of Consequence
    MDS Supporter
    Oct 19, 2007
    Bonds are nice but I want a Remington 95 like James West to keep up my sleeve



    MDS Supporter
    Mar 6, 2013
    Frederick County
    I have a roughneck that originally came as a 9mm. But I also bought a .357mag barrel for it as well. Quality seems to be pretty high. The trigger guard is removeable, which is good because the motion to pull the trigger is back and kinda down at the same time. Hard to do with the trigger guard on. Plus it just looks better.

    It's a cool, interesting gun. Fun to shoot every now and then. Very modular, barrels swap in seconds and lots of different calibers.

    Cons are it is heavy, only 2 shots, very wide. There are tons of better choices for defensive use. There is a manual crossbolt safety for some reason, like somebody is going to carry this in their pocket cocked?

    Probably wouldn't buy it knowing what I know now. Kinda wished I bought one of the higher trim finished ones. Or the stinger as it is thinner.


    Active Member
    Oct 8, 2009
    Carroll County
    Like I said its a want, not practical. If carried it would most likely as a bug. Since I was a kid I always thought they were cool.

    Bond Arms should do a retro model, with engraving, case hardening (real or simulated) to make it look like an authentic antique. An Uberti for Derringers.

    They have lots of different models, what's one more?

    ETA: oops... it looks like Uberti already has a few of those.

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