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  • Crazytrain

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    Jul 8, 2007
    Somewhere nearby
    Oh...son-of-a-gun I'm not paying attention. I pulled this from "New Posts" and didn't notice it was in the Black Powder subforum. My bad.


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    Jun 23, 2015
    That $hit has gotten stupid expensive over the last couple years!!
    Yeah, ouch. I just checked and my containers is 10oz, not 8. I guess smaller serving size and higher price.

    I got mine for around $30 a pop 3 years ago. Expensive for sure still. Fortunately, I don't tend shoot more than about 10 rounds a year. The only gun I own that I only pull out for hunting season, fire a few rounds and then put it away. As much as I load, that's about 75 cents a shot for what I had paid.

    Of course add in the 28 cents a bullet on the 300gr .430 XTPs, and the 5 cents on each primer.

    Of course, today it is like $1.60 for powder, 10 cents on a primer, 30-35 cents on the bullet. Oh and 5-6 cents per sabot for both.

    About $2 a shot now, around $1 a shot back before the VID.

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