Bear lottery needs to go

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  • mauser58

    My home is a sports store
    Dec 2, 2020
    Baltimore County, near the Bay
    Me and my sons applied for the lottery the first five years they had it. It was hardly any applicants back then. We got picked three times in first five years. Hard to find land to hunt if you dont own any west. Luckily my one son knew a few people in Garrett county and hunted a few farms. I do think that they should not just open up a long season as it may destroy the bear population like it was from over hunting years ago. Maybe like a two day open season for residents. I understand some farms have bad crop damage from them. They can destroy a corn crop fast. I also think in that case issue crop damage permits for landowners for reducing damage. Have to keep a balance though

    I don't think you can send pm's yet, you'll have to keep participating for bit first.

    After you have enough posts (50), you can click on the user's name and select 'start conversation'.

    Participate in a few discussions and you'll be there before you know it.

    Don't post one word replies or 'Me too' type stuff just to get your quota in quicker, some people do that and it doesn't work out.
    Does the poster get a notification after someone responds to them/ can turn it off if they want?


    Ultimate Member
    Oct 8, 2009
    Carroll County
    Does the poster get a notification after someone responds to them/ can turn it off if they want?
    When you are able to send pm's, there will be an envelope icon at the top of the window between your avatar and the bell icon.

    The envelope will show a number if someone replied to your pm, just like the bell shows a number when someone replies to a post you have made. You can click on those icons to find and read replies.


    Park ranger

    Ultimate Member
    Dec 6, 2015
    Saw this while searching around on google and luckily enough I got a permit this year! Do you still need someone fill the permit at the campground, I would be happy to help. Not really sure how to pm I'm a new member.
    Hi, this year has been a little different. I have seen a bear in 2 months.


    Mar 2, 2024
    Grantsville md
    Most modern hunters, won't ever see or harvest a bear unless baited.
    The last 40 years or do hunting/living south western PA/somerset County.
    My family has hunted bear on private and state game lands. Typically successful of 2-6 bear harvested annually with our family/friends
    You can sit in a tree and "wait".
    You gotta get in the thickets on the river beds and deep steep hollows of cut timber and drive them out get em moving.
    Now I live 1 mile south of that same area , but now 6 years in Maryland.
    Garrett county.
    We see bear on the farm coming n going
    But to " hunt" them?
    Just be pure luck to be same place at same time as one passing thru the cornfields .
    None if the Maryland guys "hunt " them.
    They sit and wait, get bored, go home..
    Your talking a bear population mayb 1/20th of the deer population.
    And I know a lot of guys in md that dint get a buck each year in garrett county.

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