ATF redefining who's a dealer

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  • wabbit

    Active Member
    Apr 29, 2010
    I'm sure some of us had heard about what the ATF is doing to redefine the definition of who is a firearms dealer, in an attempt to bring more charges against people who sell guns as an illegal unlicensed dealer. I think everyone should read the proposed new rule and submit a comment against it.

    The new definition would presume someone selling a gun, even on gunbroker, to be "engaged in the business" of dealing firearms unless there was evidence otherwise. The new rule explicitly doesn't list a minimum number of sales to be considered an unlicensed dealer and even one sale can allow the ATF to classify someone as an unlicensed dealer. This could potentially be very bad for gun owners who own a lot of guns and buy and sell several a year.

    Section II is the actual proposed new rule, and comments can be submitted by clicking on the green Submit A Formal Comment at the top of the webpage.

    Bob A

    "Hoarding Douchewaffle Deluxe" nominee
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    Nov 11, 2009
    I'm trying hard to make myself believe that the ATF gives a rat's arse about the comments they receive.

    Nope. But I did try.


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Jun 29, 2013
    Anne Arundel County
    I'm trying hard to make myself believe that the ATF gives a rat's arse about the comments they receive.

    Nope. But I did try.
    At a minimum, they care about the comments because some of the elements in them will end up being used as arguments in the inevitable lawsuits against the new rules once they're promulgated.

    Doco Overboard

    Active Member
    Welcome to the new age of being licensed.
    One is to many and a hundred not enough even if you part with one firearm it seems to me.
    When's the go live date? I must have missed in trying to understand if I met the threshold for being a dealer or not when I choose to sell a gun.


    Powered by natural gas
    Oct 30, 2010
    Westminster, MD
    So, if we want to sell a firearm we don't really shoot anymore, I guess we need to put it on consignment thru a gun store and have THEM sell it for us? Or maybe transfer it as a "gift"?

    Alea Jacta Est

    Extinguished member
    MDS Supporter
    Make criminals out of citizens. That “shall not be infringed” crap isn’t really what they meant. Or maybe, tines have changed and it doesn’t mean the same thing.

    The criminals already don’t obey laws. The citizens try to. Right up until they view the law as gross and ridiculous over reach. Then we can be added to the ranks of the non law abiding. Except, they will arrest and detain us.

    two words…black market

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