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    MDS Supporter
    Apr 13, 2011
    PG county
    Yes... it does.
    HGP doesn’t get you an HQL automatically. HGP completes your training requirements for the HQL, but you still have to apply for your HQL. I am confused how the HGP # was needed for the 77r. The HGP # would be needed for the HQL application, not the 77r.


    Junior Member
    Dec 23, 2020
    2A First
    It's gonna get exponentially worse. I was part of the last class of 15 people per session for my instructor back in July. He started booking classes of 90 after and renting another site. I just got approved. Waiting on the card
    Good luck and I hope MSP works swift.


    Junior Member
    Aug 23, 2022
    I thought I would start keeping track of the start date when the MSP starts working on approving applications for a particular "acceptance date". Remember the MSP approves many applications that don't show up on this forum, the change could happen at anytime on the date reported and I will ignore the occasional outlier so I will post the date when we see several reports and post the next start date when we get several reports from the next day. Over time you should be able to better estimate how long it will take to get to approving your particular acceptance date.

    8/1 started 9/14 @ 7:07 PM
    8/2 started 9/16 @ 11:06 PM
    8/3 started 9/19 @ 3:30 PM
    8/4 started 9/22 @ 12:40 PM
    8/5 started 9/26 @ 2:00 PM
    8/6 started
    8/7 started

    So approximately 4 days of acceptance took 12-13 days to issue approvals.

    So for a rough estimate of when you might see your approval, count the number of days between the acceptance date they are currently approving and the acceptance date of your application and multiply the number of days by 3 and that will be the number of days until you will see the approval +/-.

    For example they are currently working on 8/5 acceptances so if your accepted date is 8/20 then it would be 15 days times 3 equals 45 days until approval. So from today those with acceptance dates of 8/20 can expect their approval on or about November 10th, assuming nothing changes.
    15 days X 3 = 45 days before approval.
    We will see I'm 8-5 so I should be accepted withing 2 days since they started 8-5 yesterday


    MDS Supporter
    Jan 13, 2009
    Severn 21144
    Sub. - 7/29
    Acc. - 8/5
    NICS - 9/12
    APPROVED - 9/26
    HGP# - 0649xx...(Page 7 appeared in application print.)
    Waiting for USPS mail/card.

    57 calendar days Submission to Approval

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