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  • mscdex001

    Junior Member
    Jun 27, 2022
    USPS just updated their site. My Aug 2nd approved card is arriving tomorrow.
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    Mar 30, 2017
    Holy hell! Where did you go that had 180 in the class?
    Geared Up Firearms Training in Westminster. Although the class was at the VFW in Harney (just outside of Taneytown). Range time was at North Carroll Rod and Gun Club. Unlike most I’ve seen and read about, this class was only $200. Had I known when I signed up that it was that many people I’d have never done it. Other than the fingerprinting debacle and log jam at the quals range, I’d say it was a good class. We were given IMHO quality instruction (other than the ex-cop incorrectly instructing us on the legalities of handgun and ammo transport). I suffered thru it for the sake of the checkbox on my application.

    I think they expanded the class size with good intentions due to the huge wave of demand. I seriously despise large crowds, the older I get then more anxiety I develop in huge crowds, and I’m glad it’s over. Had I not gotten fingerprinted that first day, or qualified day two, I’d be livid and destroying them, but in my limited “instruction course” experience I’d take other courses from them, just not that one. All the folks there involved seemed like good people.

    While I’d never recommend anyone take their CCW class based solely on my experience, I’m not saying to ‘not’ take classes or do businesses with them, just investigate it for yourself before signing up, paying particular attention to class size of course.


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    Apr 28, 2010
    Calvert, MD
    I guess you missed the post about the changes in the approvals process.

    Previously MSP interviewed you, interviewed your employer if your permit had ANYTHING to do with your employment (and sometimes even if it didn't), and they also interviewed all three of your references and often your spouse. Unless they got lucky, I doubt the reviewer is getting all of that done on a sunny afternoon. That is going to take several weeks to conduct all of those interviews, even if most of them are only 5-10 minutes just because people may not be available when called. It used to be in-person for the applicant IIRC, etc. Plus the investigator also had to look at your evidence to see if it warranted issuing a permit. They'd call the bank to verify what you gave them that you are depositing cash regularly for your business. Check with the police department whose police report you submitted as having true threats against you, etc.

    Today? Well today they run the NICS check and check the various Maryland criminal justice and mental health databases and then approve you if everything looks fine. If something looks fishy, they will resort to interviewing your references and/or you if something is fishy, but isn't an outright reason to deny you.

    Prior work per permit, probably at a guess 2-6hrs per applicant and it would take 1-6 weeks to get the work done in (ask the bank for records, wait to receive records, etc. Schedule interview, wait for interview to be conducted). And that only really starts once the reviewer actually GETS to your application. They had others in the queue before you.

    So I can see why it did use to take most of the 90 days.

    But again, today, it is likely an hour of total work. Possibly. less. Someone has to look at your application information and documents to make sure it looks okay. As in you submitted the correct stuff and at least at first glance they are all filled out with what appears to be valid information, it is a picture of a person that could be used on the ID and not a picture of Frosh's starfish, the fingerprint livescan comes back as an actual one and not an invalid livescan number (or at least I am assuming they check it is valid at acceptance), etc. I'd guess 5-10 minutes to actually give it a decent look. Then it sits until an investigator can get to it. They'll check the various Maryland databases. Some of which require going in to the system for that database they want to check and manually running the query (MSP does not have a system that will automatically query and provide results for all, I think it is, 26 systems they check). At a guess, that is 30-60 minutes to query everything and make sure it is all clean. Oh and a NICS check I think up front after acceptance, but before looking at the Maryland databases. Just because that is more likely to weed someone out than the later checks are. Of course, that NICS check only takes about 5 minutes. But all told you have 1-2 people who are putting in a combined total of somewhere between maybe 40 minutes and an hour and a half if things are slow. Actual issuance of the permit once approve might be more than a check box on the screen (but I would hope it is very automated that the investigator can just enter a note into the system and hit approved, they don't have to manually create a record for the permit and then send it to the license printer). Most of this work can be done all at once if they REALLY wanted to. But they've also been clear they have hired a LOT of people. At a guess, many of those people just have the quickie training to be able to look at your application and tell if it appears to be valid with all the required information, and then let the investigator who has a bit more training run all of the checks and if necessary make some interviews (but probably won't and doesn't need to anymore). Divide and conquer.

    So prior system, 2-6hrs of work (probably mostly closer to 6, and I'd bet some applicants could take 2x that total work) per applicant and it can't all be done at once, but has to occur over a period of days to weeks to gather all of the information to determine if a permit can be issued. Now, probably around an hour of work. Maybe even less, or maybe occasionally more. And most of the work can either be done at once, or they are breaking it up some. For instance, if it takes 30 seconds to pull up the juvenile records case search system and then 30 seconds to run a search and record the results, then 30 seconds to pull up the medical cannabis system and 30 seconds to run a search, rinse and repeat, why would you do that? Sit down with 30 applications and run the juvenile case search on each of them and note the results for all 30. Then move on to the next system and run the queries for all 30 applications in that system, then keep going. So you might realistically only be searching 8 systems for 30, 40, 50 applications in one day. But it might mean only spending 10 minutes per application in that day. But if you did every system search on the application to completion and then moved on to the next application, opening and closing all of those different systems might make each application take 20 minutes. Which is why it likely takes 3-6 days after a NICS to actually get an acceptance. It only takes 10-30 minutes of work to check every system to approve the application, but they are batching applications in checking all of the systems, so they check 4 systems before lunch on 50 applications, 4 after lunch. The next day, etc.

    That is speculation.

    Anyway, the more apps they have, the slower it'll take for approvals. But we do know per MSP's statements, they are working this as fast as possible. They have hired a lot more people to process them (they went from I think 8-10 investigators, to hiring and trying to hire 20 more people, plus farming work out to various barracks to do some of the work too (probably application acceptance). They are saying their goal is 30 to no more than 60 days. The work required for each application is probably 1/10th of what it had been on average. Of course, they also just received about 2+ year's worth of application in about 5-6 weeks and the rate of submissions is probably continuing to go up.
    Too many errors or mistaken assumptions above for me to make an attempt at editing my corrections into your post from my phone. Your intent is good, but some of your details regarding the process as it is today are factually incorrect.

    I’ll try to make an attempt tomorrow to revisit from my laptop but no promises.


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    Jun 28, 2020
    Anyone get approved with 8/3 or 8/4 NICS date??? Hoping it’s our turn Thursday and Friday

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    Sep 22, 2011
    I applied on 7/17/22 as well.
    Accepted on 7/28/22
    No NICS as of yet...

    I know there has to be some reason to this madness.
    I never received an email from Msp. I went to the license portal and looked directly at at my application and there was the number with issue date. Have you looked there yet?

    Boondock Saint

    W&C Application Data:
    Dec 11, 2008
    White Marsh
    I never received an email from Msp. I went to the license portal and looked directly at at my application and there was the number with issue date. Have you looked there yet?

    Your application was accepted ~10 days prior to his (and mine as well). We are not likely to see a NICS number for a week or two.


    Active Member
    Aug 29, 2021
    so from what I can gather from three threads, 3 people who were approved 8/2 had cards mailed 8/9 and those cards arrive 8/11

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