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  • LuckyShot

    Pissing off Liberals
    Apr 13, 2010
    on 270
    they'll button up the remaining 8/12-8/13 guys early tomorrow and us 8/15 will have a start to our approvals.

    day 53 tomorrow


    NRA Life Member
    MDS Supporter
    Jan 17, 2013
    ☭ Maryland ☭
    Completed apps (Approved plus Disapproved) = 36,110

    36,110 x 98.1% = 35,424

    The math doesn't work
    neither does Biden's "8% inflation" math

    Really though, there's 63,936 total accepted applications. Of those accepted applications, 34,984 have been processed and approved, and 1,206 have been processed and denied. The remaining 28,952 applications are in the queue to be processed. It'd be helpful if the number for the applications still in the queue were listed, as it would cut down the confusion - it's like a high school math question


    Creature of Life and Fire
    MDS Supporter
    Oct 6, 2010
    I’ll give MSP a call and ask them not to include percentages next time.

    Problem solved. :D


    USMC - 0311
    Jul 6, 2010
    Lusby, MD
    So there's a drastic increase in things like carjackings, if you become a victim since MSP is dragging their feet... can you sue


    oK, nOw WhAt ?
    Mar 23, 2011
    Approved this evening and happy to see it expires in 2025 since my birthdays was in August. I'm do back from FL on the 15th so the permit should be waiting on me.

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    Certified Grump
    MDS Supporter
    Jul 8, 2007
    Somewhere nearby
    So there's a drastic increase in things like carjackings, if you become a victim since MSP is dragging their feet... can you sue
    Sure thing. Sue away. In a just world you'd win. In the world we live in...well, everyone needs a hobby. Suing the government could be yours.


    Confederate Jew
    MDS Supporter
    1,206 disapprovals divided by 63,935 total applications accepted = a disapproval rate of 1.9% (it's actually closer to 1.8863% but they rounded up)

    1.9% of 63,935 IS right around 1,200, but 98.1% of 63,935 is 62,700+, not 34,984

    You don't "math" good. LOL
    WTF are you talking about?

    The 1.9% figure is good for the 63,935 apps, but the 98.1% figure is not.

    Nor is the 98.1% good for the 36K approved + denied apps.


    Go get your fuc

    May you live a long and healthy life!!

    AR10 USMC3058

    Junior Member
    Oct 6, 2022
    Have a question got denied the middle of last month have informal hearing on 15 October, but received an email after I set the time and date for informal hearing stating application has changed from application approved to assign to an investigator. Any ideas? I had a verbal assault charge 40 years ago and it was expunged sent in paperwork on Expungement. Would this mean that I am approved?

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