Any ladies shooting competitively?

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  • camo556

    Active Member
    Aug 29, 2021
    First of all, there is no right answer to where to put your trigger finger. Depends on the the gun, your hand, and strength. Google autumns armory on yt, a nine year old who shoots great with two fingers. Better than the average person at any range I see lol. If shooting with two fingers works do it, if not change it lol.

    imo is its better to spend money on ammo or even better a dry fire trainer (laserammo or mantis for example) with the gun you have than something more gucci. Get a trainer and practice in your living room. If you problem is your grip, a $2000 gucci Staccato wont fix that although it might be more forgiving. You might find your hand gets tired holding all the weight of a beefy steel pistol, what good does that do.

    The mantis X is more expensive, about what half a case of ammo costs these days, but worth it because it gives you more information/diagnostics. But a 99 laser ammo and a small target on your wall is great too. Practice shooting S L O W with the trainer until that dot is always in the middle. Try different grips, trigger techniques, etc, until you find something you feel works better.

    Dry fire training also helps eliminate flinching and anticipating recoil as there is none.

    Here is a video on some tips. Skip over a lot of stuff in this video. Also there are like a billion others just like it. But there are some excellent tips.

    Develop a good master grip and play with what works for you. Lots of people shoot pistol with their knuckle and do just fine.

    For example I shoot low and left and i clearly know I have a three amigos problem. Working on it, lol.

    tips 2,3,4


    Belgian Bad A$$

    Tired of being ignored, living the single life!
    Feb 18, 2018
    Washington County, MD
    I probably should have prefaced my thread with this: i am an overthinker. I think im overthinking now, yes??

    I know i need to work more at it but im trying in my mind to reach what i think is perfection (no pun intended). Ask kicken wing, hes know me like no other and can vouch for my nuttiness.

    I appreciate everything, all the advice everyone has offered. I just need to hightail it to range and get on some regular schedule for range time! Whose with me?!!

    Occam, you read me like a book. Truth, i have chronic pain from a car accident and have not done much in the exercise catagory since my 3rd surgery 3 months ago. So i have work to do. Smile everybody!!


    Active Member
    Aug 29, 2021
    :thumbsup: range time

    but its also hard to overstate how much a dry fire trainer helps. you can train more often, at home, it helps eliminate flinch , your gun stays clean, and in the long run its cheaper than ammo.


    Active Member
    Aug 29, 2021
    another great yt video


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