Any Good Black Friday Finds?

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  • lazarus

    Ultimate Member
    Jun 23, 2015
    Thanks for the info... its good to know, but the good news is it isn't quite as bad as you thought.

    It doesn't drop from 600 to 60 after 1 minute.

    Per the manual for the Valkyrie Mini, "The LED light will work for one minute at the top output mode and gradually step down to 60 lm within 10 minutes."

    I decided to try mine out to see how reliable it would be.

    Fully charged, it was extremely bright with no significant drop for ~4 minutes. It did begin to get a but dimmer after that, but not enough to limit effectiveness. It was still blinding if it were pointed at a person for about 10 minutes. At 12-13 minutes it was no longer blinding, but still lit up a room at the far end of the hallway (~40 feet). At ~15.5 minutes, it was enough to keep from tripping on something... it was like holding a candle. It did not dim noticably after that... so I'm guessing that was the minimim 60 lumens or close to it.

    So my verdict... not usable as a duty light, but still very good for home use. Fully charged you can trust it for 12-13 minutes, much more if you use it intermittently. Not useful after 14 minutes, except to keep from walking into walls. I have very bright flashlights all around my house and in all my cars, so this is not an issue for me. Comparing to other lights I'm pretty sure mine was at least 200 lumen or more after 10 minutes, not 60, but its new and fully charged. 60 after 10 might be an average.

    I plan to check out the Baldr mini tomorrow and see how it behaves.

    I haven't used either of mine for a prolonged enough period of time to really know, either in testing or "practical" use at my range around sunset (It generally closes 30 minutes before sunset most of the year, though this time of year it is basically at sunset. Which on an overcast day can be pretty dark. Though obviously not NIGHT TIME.

    But my experience is, if you are only using it for a couple of minutes at time, it appears to be turning on at full brightness every time. Of course battery drain is going to limit just how long you can get away with that. That roughly 60 minutes of full run time is accounting for a minute at 600lm and then some slow drop off over that 10 or so minutes down to 60 and then 45 minutes or so of run time at 60lm. 600lm should be drawing roughly 10x the power of 60. So at a guess you'd likely have more like 15-20 minutes of very bright use if using intermittently and probably some dim use when the battery is almost exhausted.

    But most of the throttling is because of thermals, not from exhausted battery (could also be thermals in the battery). I've run 100 rounds through my G17 around range close with the mini 2 on the entire time I was shooting. I mean, yes, I was turning it off when reloading mags or swapping mags. So it was getting, dunno, a minute or two to cool between magazines. But I wasn't blazing through them mostly. Generally just slow, careful fire. So that 100 rounds was over maybe 15-20 minutes with light on for maybe half that time. It appeared to be full brightness throughout with just 1-2 minutes on each mag. It wasn't like I was just turning the light on, blazing away with a mag and instantly switching it off.

    A couple of times I've played around with/dry fire training with my G17 or 21 and I've probably put 20 minutes on the light over an hour or two and same deal, I didn't really notice the light output dropping. I doubt I had the light on continuously for more than maybe 3 or 4 minutes at a time max, often just 1-2.

    But again for me, I don't need a duty light. I've got an (arguably) much better light on my rifle where dimming isn't going to be a concern and I can easily swap batteries. That said, it is just a protac 1L, so it only has a 2hr run time on max, and it is a dimmer max...but it is enough for positive target identification at 50yds for sure. Eventually I'll probably upgrade my rifle weapon light, though I care more about light weight than needing to throw 3000lms for 10hrs and lightweight weapon lights seem fairly rare (yes, too light would be fragile. But one that could do 400-600lm for ~3hrs and also might only tip the scales at 3-4oz or so with mount would be nice). The Inforce weapon lights are kind of there, but you get more like 5-5.5oz or so once you actually mount it up, since they don't make a keymod or mlok mount. Just a pic mount and in most cases, you have to add a piece of offset rail to mount it. Yes, I realize I am all concerned about a minor thing. But my Protac + rings is 3.1oz.


    May 25, 2020
    I don't want to have to wait that long for a delivery

    My order I placed yesterday is set to deliver tomorrow. I set a subscription for 500rds a month with free shipping. It was a decent deal. I’ll post a review on the ammo this weekend

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