Anschutz Wehrsportkarabiner 4mm Lang Trainer

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  • mawkie

    C&R Whisperer
    Sep 28, 2007
    -Over decades I've learned some important lessons for traveling. One of them is "always pack copies of your FFL" because you never know if fortune will strike while you're on the road. This weekend, a trip to NC to visit two sisters in the Raleigh area, had that personal maxim pay off. I was trolling GB listings before going to bed on my cell phone when I ran across a nice wartime German training rifle in a nearby gun shop.
    -The next day I drove over and after a bit of dickering sealed the deal in a very busy shop (nice visiting a 2A friendly state, what a difference!). Cost OTD was just over $600 for something I'd never seen in the flesh. Bob Simpson has a half dozen of them up for sale from his huge trainer collection with the prices ranging from $2250-$4500 so I'm happy with the deal I struck on something I'd describe as very uncommon, bordering on rare.
    -What I brought home was an Anschutz JGA (abbv. for founder Julius Gottfried Anschutz) Wehrsportkarabiner training rifle chambered in 4mm Lang, which is pretty much a CB cap. The barrel is mostly counter bored with an effective 8" rifled barrel length as I doubt there's no way you could push a slug down a full 25" barrel with that little oomph behind it. The rear sight is marked to 10 meters and is windage adjustable (looks to require a special windage tool to turn the square head adj. bolt). She hefts and looks just like a K98k, making for a nice indoor gallery rifle. A good alternative to an air rifle like the Mars 115. Sadly the special cleaning rod is missing, something that I'll never find. Of the half dozen or so that sold over the last 10 yrs online about half had the rod missing as well. Luckily the original sling is in good condition.
    -The young man in charge of GB sales for the Raleigh gun shop felt this rifle languished due to the unusual 4mm Lang ammo. I actually was able to find Czech made 4mm long @ SGS. A 200 round tin cost $60 OTD delivered so I'm covered. In fact it was the only vendor I could find selling this ammo in the USA. Rather be lucky than good!


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    Jul 1, 2012
    Knowledge is power, and fortune favors the bold, or something like that :)
    Looks to be in superb condition too.


    C&R Whisperer
    Sep 28, 2007
    Indeed, fortune does favor the bold. Wait 'til you see the other Anschutz trainer I scored. That story is even better in the telling. Rare enough that I haven't seen Bob Simpson post one for sale (yet)! Just waiting to pick it up...


    C&R Whisperer
    Sep 28, 2007
    4mm Lang ammo arrived today! Oh Lord it's hard to believe just how small this round is. I placed it next to a 22 LR round for comparison.


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    MDS Supporter
    Aug 14, 2007
    Mt Airy
    4mm Lang ammo arrived today! Oh Lord it's hard to believe just how small this round is. I placed it next to a 22 LR round for comparison.
    Good Lord, it's a glorified pellet gun! Those look similar to the Flobert rounds. Very cool.


    C&R Whisperer
    Sep 28, 2007
    David Rachwal just listed a tin of 4mm today (well technically yesterday) and I guess it sold pretty fast...
    I paid $39.00 plus shipping/tax for around $60 delivered from SGS. Curious to see what it'll do as someone posted very good results @ 25 yards. Glorified pellet gun to be sure!

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