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  • ShallNotInfringe

    Lil Firecracker
    Feb 17, 2013
    Hopefully others will find this useful also ;)

    Feel free to toss them in, I'll update this post, leave blank definitions that need help. It there's ones you want to know, post them in the thread. I'm sure folks will jump in with the answers :). If any of these are wrong, feel free to provide corrections.

    2A: Second Amendment
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT be INFRINGEd.
    4473: Federal Firearms Application
    77R: Maryland Firearms Application
    §: section in laws and regulations
    §§: multiple sections in laws and regulations
    AAR: After Action Report
    ACP: Automatic Colt Pistol
    AFAIK: As Far As I Know
    AG: Attorney General
    AGC: Associated Gun Clubs
    AH: Amazing Horse
    AIWB: Appendix carry inside the waists band
    AK: Avtomat Kalashnikova
    ALG: Assault Long Gun
    AMF: Adios My Friend
    AO: Area of Operations
    AOR: Area of Responsibility
    AOW: Any Other Weapon
    AR-15: ArmaLite Rifle-15
    ATF: (Bureau of) Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms (and Explosives)
    AW: Assault Weapon or Automatic Weapon
    AWB: Assault Weapons Ban
    BAR: Browning Automatic Rifle
    BATFE: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
    BB: Badge Bunny (or BikeBreath :))
    BCG: Bolt Carrier Group
    BFH: Big Friendly Hammer
    BFW: Big Friendly Wrench
    BG&S: Bollinger Gunsmithing and Sales
    BGOS: Battered Gun Owner Syndrome
    BHOBS: Booger Hook Off Bang Switch
    BHR: Butt Hurt Report
    BIT: Basic Instructor Training
    BLE: Box Lock Ejector
    BLNE: Box Lock Non-ejector
    BLO: Boiled Linseed Oil
    BMG: Browning Machine Gun
    BOGSAT: Bunch of Guys Sitting Around a Table
    BOHICA: Bend Over Here It Comes Again
    BOK: Blow Out Kit
    BOLO: Be On the LookOut
    BP: Black Powder or Bass Pro
    BPS: Bass Pro Shops
    BSCAW: Banned-So-Called Assault Weapons
    BSS: Browning Side by Side
    BT: Boat Tail
    BTFE: Beaver Tail Forend
    BTHP: Boat Tail Hollow Point
    BTW: By the Way
    BUIS: Back Up Iron Sights
    C3: Carroll County Crew
    C&C: Cash and Carry
    C&R: Curios and Relics
    CAI: Century Arms International
    CC: Concealed Carry or Case Color or Circuit Court
    CC42A: Carroll County for 2nd Amendment
    CCW: Carrying a Concealed Weapon or Counter Clock Wise
    CFP: Concealed Firearms Permit
    CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
    CHF: Cold Hammer Forge
    CHP: Concealed Handgun Permit
    CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
    CMP: Civilian Marksmanship Program
    CMV: Chrome Moly Vanadium
    COMAR: Code of Maryland Regulations
    COTUS: Constitution of the United States
    CP: Control Panel
    CTD: Cheaper Than Dirt
    CZ: Česká Zbrojovka
    DA: Double Action
    DAO: Double Action Only
    DA/SA: Double Action/Single Action
    DB: DooshBag
    DC: Designated Collector
    DFT: Don't Feed (the) Troll(s)
    DGAF: Don't Give a F**k
    DGU: Defensive Gun Use
    DHS: Department of Homeland Security
    DILLIGAF: Do I Look Like I Give a F***
    DINO: Democrat In Name Only
    DMR: Designated Marksman Rifle
    DNR: Department of Natural Resources
    DSL: Detachable Side Locks
    DOJ: Department of Justice
    DOS: Denial of Service
    DDOS: Distributed Denial of Service
    DSG: Dick's Sporting Goods
    DT: Double Triggers
    EBR: Enhanced Battle Rifle or Evil Black Rifle
    EDC: Every Day Carry
    EOTWAWKI: End Of The World As We Know It
    ETA: Edit to Add or Estimated Time of Arrival
    FA: Full Automatic
    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions]
    FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation
    FCG: Fire Control Group
    FDE: Flat Dark Earth
    FCG: Fire Control Group
    FFL: Federal Firearms Licensee
    FIDO: F**k It, Drive On
    FIFY: Fixed It For You
    FMJ: Full Metal Jacket
    FN: Fabrique Nationale
    FNG: F'ing New Guy
    FOPA: Firearm Owner Protection Act
    FP: Flat Point
    FSA: Firearm Safety Act (aka Senate Bill 281, Chapter 427)
    FT_: F**k the (fill in the blank
    FTE: Failure to Eject
    FTF: Failure to Fire or Face to Face
    FTL: Failure to Load
    FTMP: For The Most Part
    FTR: For the Record
    FTW: For the Win or F**k the World)
    FWIW: For What It's Worth
    FUBAR: F'd Up Beyond All Recognition
    G&S: Good and Substantial
    GA: General Assembly or Gauge
    GB: Gun Broker or Glen Burnie
    GFSZA: Gun Free School Zones Act
    GGWAG: Good Guy With A Gun
    GM: Gander Mountain
    GOA: Gun Owners of America
    GR: Grain
    GRPC: Gun Rights Policy Conference
    GSW: Gun Shot Wound
    GTFO: Get the F**k Out
    GTG: Good to Go or Got to Go
    HAND: Have a Nice Day
    HBAR: Heavy Barrel Rifle
    HD: Home Defense
    HJC: House Judiciary Committee
    HPT: High Pressure Tested
    HQL: Handgun Qualification License
    HRB: Handgun Roster Board
    IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer
    IBTBH: In Before the Butt Hurt
    IBTL: In Before the Lock
    IDK: I Don't Know
    IIRC: If I Recall Correctly, If I Read Correctly
    IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
    IP: Industry Partner or Internet Provider or Internet Protocol or Internet Protocol (address)
    ISWYDT: I See What You Did There
    IWLA: Isaac Walton League of America
    IWPD: It's Way Past Due
    JABC: Just Another Belgian Clunker
    JBT: Jack Booted Thug
    JFC: Jesus F'n Christ
    JHP: Jacketed Hollow Point
    JPAS: Joint Personnel Adjudication System
    KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid
    LBK: Lower Build Kit
    LE: Law Enforcement
    LEO: Law Enforcement Officer
    LGS: Local Gun Shop/Store
    LHUN: Lord Help Us Now
    LIV: Low Information Voter
    LMG: Light Machine Gun
    LP: Large Pistol (primer)
    LPK: Lower Parts Kit
    LR: Long Rifle or Large Rifle (primer)
    LRSTC: Loch Raven Skeet and Trap Center
    LTCH: License to carry a handgun
    LWRC: Leitner Wise Rifle Company
    M&P: Military and Police
    MD: Match Director
    MDS: Maryland Shooters
    MG: Machine Gun
    MLFDA: Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association
    MOA: Minute of Angle
    MOM: Martin O'Malley
    MPI: Magnetic Particle Inspected
    MR: Matted Rib
    MRB: Mid Rib Bead
    MSI: Maryland Shall Issue
    MSAR: Maryland Small Arms Range
    MSP: Maryland State Police
    MSR: Modern Sporting Rifle
    MSRPA: Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association
    MWAG: Man With a Gun
    NCR: National Capital Region
    ND: Not Disapproved or Negligent Discharge
    NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement
    NDAA: National Defense Authorization Act
    NFA: National Firearms Act
    NIB: New in Box
    NiBX- Nickle Boron
    NICS: National Instant Criminal (Background Check) System
    NOAA: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Adminstration
    NRA: National Rifle Association
    NRA-ILA: National Rifle Association - Institute for Legislative Affairs
    NSA: National Security Agency
    NSCA: National Sporting Clays Association
    NSFW: Not Safe For Work
    NSSA: National Skeet Shooting Association
    NST: Non-Selective Trigger
    NTN: NICS Transaction Number
    OAL: Overall Length
    OC: Open Carry or Ocean City
    OD: Olive Drab
    OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
    OH: Open Holster
    OOS: Out of Stock
    OP: Original Post or Original Poster
    OT: On Target
    OWB: Outside the wait band
    O/U: Over/Under
    PBJ: Probation Before Judgement
    PG: Pistol Grip
    PII: Personally Identifiable Information
    PM: Private Message
    POA: Point of Aim
    POC: Point of Contact
    POI: Point of Impact
    POS: Point of Sale or Piece of S**t
    POTUS: President of the United States
    PPW: Paperwork
    PSA: Public Safety Article or Palmetto State Armory
    QFT: Quoted For Truth
    RAS: Reasonable Articulated Suspicion
    RD: Round
    RDIAS:Registered Drop In auto-sear
    RF: Rimfire
    RKBA: Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    RN: Round Nose
    RO: Range Officer
    ROE: Rules of Engagement
    ROTHLADOAD: Red on the Head Like a D**k on a Dog
    RSO: Range Safety Officer
    SA: Single Action
    SAA: Single Action Army
    SAF: Second Amendment Foundation
    SARU: Spousal Ammo Retrieval Unit
    SAW: Squad Automatic Weapon
    SB281: Senate Bill #281 aka Firearms Safety Act of 2013
    SBP: Skeleton Butt Plate
    SBR: Short Barreled Rifle
    SBS: Short Barrel Shotgun
    SBT: Single Barrel Trap (gun)
    SCI: Sensitive Compartmented Information
    SCMIIW: Somebody Correct Me If I am Wrong
    SCOTUS: Supreme Court of the United States
    SCSG: South Carroll Sporting Goods
    SD: Shooter's Discount
    SEG: S**t Eating Grin
    SFE: Splinter Forend
    SHTF: S**t Hits the Fan
    SKS: Samozaryadnyj Karabin system Simonova
    SLE: Slide Lock Ejector
    SNLE: Side Lock Non Ejector
    SP: Soft Point or Small Pistol (primer)
    SMH: So Much Hate or Shaking My Head
    SMIB: Southern Maryland In-Bred
    SNAFU: Situation Normal, All F'd Up
    SO: Safety Officer
    SOG: Standard Operating Guideline
    SOP: Standing Operating Procedure or Standard Operating Procedure
    SPR: Specialist Precision Rifle
    SR: Small Rifle (primer)
    SSDD: Same S**t Different Day
    SSS: Shoot, Shovel, Shutup
    SST: Selective Single Trigger
    STFU - Shut the F Up
    SU: Spousal Unit
    SWAG: Scientific Wild A** Guess
    SWC: Semi Wad Cutter
    SWMBO: She Who Must Be Obeyed
    SXS: Side by Side
    SYG: Stand Your Ground
    TANSTAAFL: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
    TCSC: Thurmont Conservation and Sportsmen Club
    TIA: Thanks in Advance
    TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read
    TPM: Time/Place/Manner (of carry); Technical Performance Measure(s)
    TS: Top Secret (security clearance)
    UBC: Universal Background Check
    UPK: Upper Parts Kit
    USCCA: US Concealed Carry Association
    USC: United States Code
    USSC: United States Supreme Court Supreme Court
    VCDL: Virginia Citizens Defense League
    VR: Vented Rib
    WAG: Wild A** Guess
    WC: Water Cooler
    WCF: Windchester Centerfire
    WGAF: Who Gives a F*ck
    WM: Walmart
    WROL: Without Rule of Law
    WTB: Wanted to Buy
    WTF: What the F
    WTH: What the Hell
    WTMI: Way Too Much Information
    WTS: Wanted to Sell
    WTT: Wanted to Trade
    WWB: Winchester White Box
    YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary
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    Ultimate Member
    Mar 1, 2013
    Buds Creek
    SBR-short barrel rifle
    SAF-second amendment foundation
    NRA-national rifle association
    POTUS-president of the united states
    BTW-by the way
    CYA-cover your a$$
    WTH- what the hell
    NFA-national firearms act


    Ultimate Member
    Industry Partner
    Aug 17, 2011
    FCG: Fire Control Group
    LPK: Lower Parts Kit
    SPR: Specialist Precision Rifle(??)


    Active Member
    Jan 25, 2013
    Glen Burnie
    As I found out reading another post on here,

    ND could also mean Negligent Discharge.

    One would discern its context from the content of the post. :D

    Edited with:

    Dang Intarsiac, I guess great minds think alike!


    Active Member
    Jun 25, 2010

    IANAL = I am not a lawyer
    YMMV = your mileage may vary
    IMHO = in my humble opinion
    SWMBO = she who must be obeyed


    Apr 20, 2013
    2A - Second Amendment
    HBAR - Heavy Barrel Rifle (or Riffle in some of the recent threads :-)
    MOM - Martin O'Malley
    FTL - Failure to Load
    SB281 - Senate Bill (Firearm Safety Act of 2013)

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