AAR: Handgun II CCJA 5/9/2010 - Tom Perroni

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  • vette97

    Active Member
    Feb 9, 2008
    Karroll Kounty, Marylandistan
    I'm just out of a much needed hot shower, after an awesome day at Tom's range, and after a long 2 hour trip back to MD. I took Tom's Handgun I course yesterday and today was a great continuation of yesterday's training. I got to train along side of some other shooting enthusiasts, firearms instructors and an operator. We all learned something today.

    I cleaned my Sig P226 in the hotel last night so that I didn't have any feed issues with it. It ran just fine. Others used a Glock, S&W and an H&K. Chris and Tom started off with classroom discussion of safety, the fundamentals of marksmanship, site and trigger management, presentation of the firearm from the holster throughout the 5 draw steps, and different types of reloads. We then moved on to how to better take advantage of training opportunities back at our home range. If there's one thing we all would benefit from, it's shooting using methods we're not comfortable with, single handed, weak handed, doing reloads with mags in our pouches backwards, etc. It is also beneficial to keep a log book and keep notes on techniques and results, so that we can track our own deficiencies. This is necessary in order to give ourselves the ability to identify our own mistakes so that we could self-correct them. We learned how to do that later, on the range. Chris finished up the classwork when Tom had some other priorities he had to take care of. We discussed how to drive the gun, rapidly moving the gun from target to target and what to focus on as we did that. We also discussed shooting on the move and shooting at moving targets. Soon after that, we were performing draw and presentation drills, mag changes and hand change methods in the classroom without ammunition loaded. Chris then covered some concealed carry questions along with demonstrating what we might need to do if a threat ever presented a firearm and how to disable him.

    After a quick lunch, it was back to the range with Chris. We all loaded up and helped Chris set up the targets. We then performed torture dot drills which gave us a great warm up and confidence to know we were prepared to make precision shots and work on speeding up the process later in the day. We then moved onto another target, a man with an AK-47 who was slightly turned, facing you. This is atypical from what we can use on our public ranges, and it was a challenge to shoot at a target with a patterned shirt and a big mustache, which were quite distracting. But, by following what we were taught, we were able to shoot 2 center mass and 1 head shot. We worked on speeding this process up, while keeping focus on the front sight during the shot and during reset, then refocusing to reacquire the target. We then worked on walking across the range laterally, while Chris had us stop, acquire and shoot any given 1 of 4 of these targets, rapidly. We then moved onto firing single handed, switching hands and firing single handed with the weak hand as well. Attention was spent on shooting with both eyes open and even using the left eye while firing with the left hand, for right handed shooters. We took this a further step and shot from around cover, one handed, learning how to present the the smallest profile possible. Next, came the steel targets (YAY!). We started at close range and eventually worked our way back to 50 yards, putting shots on both a torso sized and grapefruit sized target. After that, we started working on speed drills on steel. At 7 yards, I was able to shoot 5 shots rapidly within 1.5 seconds and hit center mass! This class really improved my speed shooting abilities, which is something I couldn't work on at most ranges around here. We ended the day at the range with another challenge, the same 6 steel discs that we shot at yesterday. I was the last man standing, again, which felt really good, but I wasn't happy with all my shots. Even though I feel competent, I need more practice before I'm 100% happy with my own performance. Call me an over-acheiver... Chris was a great instructor, who has an approach which is quite different than Tom's but he's very easy to learn from as well. He was focusing his attention on us to ensure we were doing everything the most efficient way and answer any questions we might have. What a great asset on the Perroni team!

    We wrapped up the class and I was on my way. I was very happy that I was able to improve my ability to rapidly fire, fire on the move and put rounds on target with a handgun 50 yards away. I'm going to start a log of my shooting techniques and identify any weaknesses that I need to improve upon. I'm confident I can correct my own mistakes after this course.


    Active Member
    Feb 9, 2008
    Karroll Kounty, Marylandistan
    Thanks all. Yes, I am going to be doing a lot of dry fire practice this week to solidify what was taught. A lot of what we did can't be done on ranges around here, but it can most certainly be practiced at home.


    MSI Executive Member
    Apr 26, 2009
    Calvert County
    Thanks all. Yes, I am going to be doing a lot of dry fire practice this week to solidify what was taught. A lot of what we did can't be done on ranges around here, but it can most certainly be practiced at home.

    Quick trick for the shooting from concealment in the home:

    Put a full-length mirror in a room, opposite a door and then "shoot" at it from behind the door. You'll immediately see if you are popping out too far or exposing a leg, etc.

    Old trick. I should have done that before going to class, eh?


    Active Member
    Feb 9, 2008
    Karroll Kounty, Marylandistan
    Great idea! I didn't think of that! I do have a full length mirror that's portable so I should give it a shot.

    I also have 3 cats at home which I use to help me practice house-clearing. They're usually startled and try to get away as I'm racking another snap-cap so it's also dynamic.

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