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50 Yard Safety Zone Bill for Howard County Bill 15-23

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  • lazarus

    Active Member
    Jun 23, 2015
    OMG. These ******* empty headed liberal jerkoffs really are trying to change the definition of ******* stupid, huh?

    I’m sure none of these idiots have ever set foot in the woods to understand how safe this change would have been. Hell I bet they couldn’t even practically demonstrate what 50 yards is. I ******* hate the stupidity in this State. Time to start considering where I want to retire in a decade because I can guarantee, it ain’t gonna be among a bunch of cretins.
    I've known for a long time I didn't want to retire in HoCo. Too many taxes. I was born in Columbia. Live in the county almost my entire life other than college. Man I wish I'd gotten out before my kids hit school aged. My wife will not leave until they are at least done with school. And that probably includes any college or trade school. We had kids young. I can't retire until I am 57 at the earliest. My youngest will be out of college pretty much right when I turn 52. So I'll have 5 years. If I am not retiring to Maryland and work won't let me be 100% virtual/remote stationed at that point, I'll probably stick it out to retirement. If they will let me, I'll probably be out of here within a year of my youngest graduating. I don't think my wife will let us move sooner.

    If I am going to stay in Maryland, then I am probably going to look to move once my youngest has headed off to college and get out of the county at least. Carroll looks pretty nice. I can see it from my roof even. Same house, twice the land, half the property value so a lot lower taxes and a lot of money back out of my house (probably no mortgage after selling and buying), much less butt pain from the politicos in this county.

    I got a couple of responses back. This one from Delegate Ziegler's chief of staff.

    "Thank you for this email, as well as for your previous emails on 15-23. As you know, this bill has faced tough opposition. With a compromise as the only path to move forward this year, we hope that you can understand the delegation’s decision. We will certainly keep your comments in mind for next session."

    Who knows. I'll tilt at the windmill again. Honestly I am fired up and mad about this. I think all your points are 100% spot on.

    The person you put me in touch with mentioned that on trying to educate them. I'll talk with him more. Once the legislative session dust settles some in later April, I think I am going to try to get on the delegation's calendars. Talk to their chief's of staff, try to talk to the senators and delegates about their concerns. Try that education. I may also reach out to the DNR director who spoke to the delegation to see if he has any thoughts. I understand the position of a public servant that he can't really take a legislative policy position. But he might at least be able to offer how I can get DNR data to support the argument (even though they already shared it). Pull together maps of situations where today, hunting is not allowed, and just how FAR even 50yds is, let alone 150. See if there is a compromise they are willing to do. Maybe they'd be willing to allow the non-urban zone in the county to have the reduce safety zones. No offense to those stuck in the urban area, but I don't live there and I'd imagine 90% of the properties that would become huntable moving from 150yds to 50yds (or even 100) are all in the non-urban zone of the county. Perhaps that would "win over" the Columbia and EC members knowing it basically will not impact their constituents at all.

    Like I said, I was already planning to move, but this one has me angry how danged sensible it was and that most just were scared about the change. Along with the lies. Just makes me want out of here NOW. Not in a decade, or a decade in a half.


    Active Member
    Jun 23, 2015
    As a heads up, PG county appears to be advancing a change to 50yds for their archery safety zone. No elevated position required. Seems their delegation has moved it.

    Wicomico may be as well. No texted, it only had its first reading yesterday.

    So PG of all places is moving forward and HoCo is doing basically nothing.

    I guess if they pass, another thing to point out to the delegation next year is "now PG AND Wicomico allow reduced safety zones and HoCo won't move off 150yds for regular archery hunters"

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