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    1. D

      Rossi "Voluntary Safety Warning"

      https://www.rossisafetynotice.com/ There's a Serial Number Search tool on that page to easily see if your model is affected.
    2. Hiddentrixx

      New MDshooter - Rockville

      Hello everyone New to the forum. I live in the Rockville/Olney area. For some of you who know Montgomery County I'm 7min from Gilbert's Indoor Range. Last November I received my HQL and waiting to hear back for my Designated Firearms Collector license. I'm a total noob. Would love to meet...
    3. Cold Steel

      Revolvers In Maryland

      I've noticed that on the Sale or Trade (Firearms Related) section that revolvers are rare items. I also notice they're not very popular at gun stores. I was looking for an inexpensive .357 for my wife and was looking for a Taurus revolver (blued) similar to the one she was using in her handgun...
    4. My Collection Growing !!

      My Collection Growing !!

    5. My Collection Growing !!

      My Collection Growing !!

    6. My Collection Growing !!

      My Collection Growing !!

    7. My Collection Growing !!

      My Collection Growing !!

    8. My Taurus Pt 92

      My Taurus Pt 92

      With custom aluminum grips : )
    9. Jester1341

      reloading for judge(brass .410)

      anybody reload for a taurus judge? i want to start loading brass shells for my magnum, for both re-useability and cool factor.:cool: anybody else reloaded brass or norm shells for a judge? john
    10. Combat Ready Pt101

      Combat Ready Pt101

      My Pt101 with Pachmayr grips
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