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    1. [Kev308]

      How many rounds thru until barrel replacement?

      I was looking thru Sig Sauer website and saw they had 1 barrel in stock for a pistol I own. The handgun is 13 years old and I figured I should get it in case it never comes in stock again. (Now that they are moving on to newer models) This is a gun I hope to never sell. I don't shoot it...
    2. B

      Question regards Maryland's gun law on Sig MCX

      Hey everyone. I am currently a PA resident and I am going to move down to Maryland for grad school. I am confused about the "assault weapon ban" Maryland has which states that MCX "meets the definition of a 'copycat weapon'." Is it possible for me to own one in Maryland?
    3. MDElite

      Sig 1911 45ACP Below Cost

      Every now and then we find a special deal and get to pass it along to our friends here at MD Shooters. I bought out one of my distributors and can pass along some savings. These are brand new Sig Sauer 1911 Target model . Stainless with custom Blackwood grips. I am selling these below...
    4. Rick

      Sig Sauer P938 Giveaway (X2)

      Sig Sauer is giving away their brand new Legion pistol, the P938 Legion. The giveaway runs from now to January 23. And, is also giving one away for their January giveaway. This one you can enter 4 times daily for the...
    5. S

      Sig Sauer p226 x-5

      Looking for somewhere in maryland to purchase a p226 x-5 or p226 x-5 enhance.any help finding one would be greatly appreciated,thanks.
    6. S

      Sig x-five

      Ive been looking into selling off a few things for some time now in hopes of purchasing an x-five or even better an x-six.sense they aren't being imported into the country anymore it seems impossible to even find one in the state,any insight into a shop that might have one or maybe a person that...
    7. T

      1911 Suggestions

      So, as indicated above, I am curious about purchasing a 1911. I am aware that name and price do not indicate performance. I have shot other 1911's and enjoyed them and my Sig P229 .40 just doesn't feel right to me for some reason. (SIG Guys, I still love it) I also have a 9mm which i purchased...
    8. R

      Best Ultra Compact 9mm

      I am a Glock loyalist but I must admit Glock has left me a little disappointed by making the 42 a .380 rather than a 9 mm. I got to hold one this weekend and love the size and feel but IMO it should be a 9 mm. My EDC is a Glock 26 and I doubt this will ever change. I would like a super small 9...
    9. P

      Sig Sauer Accessories

      Hi everyone, I just purchased a Sig 716. It is their piston powered "AR" platform chambered in 7.62 NATO. I got a 20% off coupon for registering the gun, and it EXCLUDES rifle and pistol magazines. What a joke, I was going to buy 30 20 rounders to last me for a lifetime of shooting, and a...
    10. O

      Sig (GSG) 1911-22 FTF and Stovepipe Question

      I was at the range this past weekend with a new Sig 1911-22. I wanted a plinker that could serve as a 1911 trainer as well. I had read that there is a bit of a break-in period with this particular firearm. I was using Remington Golden Bullets, 36 g, hollow point, 1280 fps. I figured it...
    11. Sig 238 W/blue Mastodon Grips

      Sig 238 W/blue Mastodon Grips

      Sig 238 w/Blue Mastodon Grips
    12. K

      Sig P250 mistake?

      So I recently placed an order for my first handgun. I wanted to get something in a .40 and my local shop showed me several options (S&W M&P 40, Glock, Springfield, etc...). Granted the Smith and the Glock were currently out of stock and had no known date of becoming available through her...
    13. Bushwood

      sig sauer 522 AWB?

      Greetings from Pasadena, first REAL post... Okay, sorry to ask stupid questions, as this may have been answered before, but I am thinking about picking up a sig sauer 522 to plink around on the farm with, but will this be included in the AWB? Will the bill prevent me from transporting it? I...
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