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    1. J


      YARD SALE! Everything is priced to sell but feel free to make offers, lets make a deal! I live near BWI and am willing to meet up nearby, or I can ship at your expense. Items are listed from right to left as they appear in the photographs. U-Loader AR/AK - $40 Blackhawk Omnivore Holster -...
      $5.00 to $800.00
    2. SkiPatrolDude

      WTB Sig P226 Legion SAO

      Preferably new. Lightly used is fine, but I’m not interested in a converted DA/SA. Any IP’s have a lead on one? I’m in the Baltimore metro area.
    3. SkiPatrolDude

      In stock - SIG 516 GEN 2 complete upper, pinned welded 14.5 to 16. Piston AR Upper

      I don't know much about it, but Sig is offering a pretty good deal on a pinned welded piston upper. Not super familiar with the 516, but this would be a MD legal configuration because of the piston operation...
    4. SkiPatrolDude

      P320 now has a metal frame option

      Link to video. Came out this morning.
    5. SkiPatrolDude

      Legal advise: Sig requesting magazines for warranty work

      Long story short I am sending my P320 back to Sig because I am unable to field strip the pistol without pulling the trigger. Somethins’ wrong. Sig had this in the email instructions: “Please send in your factory magazines that came with the firearm”. Now here’s the thing, folks. I...
    6. MDElite

      Sig 1911 45ACP Below Cost

      Every now and then we find a special deal and get to pass it along to our friends here at MD Shooters. I bought out one of my distributors and can pass along some savings. These are brand new Sig Sauer 1911 Target model . Stainless with custom Blackwood grips. I am selling these below...
    7. U

      Gave Sig Sauer a suggestion today

      Build/ develop a P227 in 10mm, make it a Legion with SRT and be Red Dot ready.... I originally suggested specifically the Romeo, he said they wont warranty the Romeo on a 10mm. Hmm...
    8. A

      Looking for Sig P229 in 9MM, Early 2000s Vintage

      I'm looking for a used or NOS Sig P229 in 9MM, preferably manufactured between 2000 and 2002, inclusive. I may be open to older 229s, but nothing newer than 2002. Cosmetic wear and tear and holster rash is okay, but it needs to have plenty of mechanical life left in it. It's a plus if...
    9. S

      Sig Sauer p226 x-5

      Looking for somewhere in maryland to purchase a p226 x-5 or p226 x-5 enhance.any help finding one would be greatly appreciated,thanks.
    10. A

      Sig P227 10 Rd mags

      ISO 10 round p227 mags. New or used. Thanks!!
    11. revwood

      My Sig Mosquito is a Finicky Eater

      My Sig Sauer Mosquito (.22LR) jams or misfires almost every time I try to fire it. We're talking an 80 - 90% failure rate! The gun is so unreliable that it just sits in the safe. The only reason I haven't sold it is that I don't want to pass my problem on to some other unsuspecting soul. I...
    12. fred333

      Open Letter on the Redesign of "Stabilizing Braces"

      Here it is folks, the official word re pistol "stabilizing braces" (e.g., the SigSauer SB15/47). Probably apropos to other forums, but this is where I thought it'd be most relevant. OPEN LETTER ON THE REDESIGN OF “STABILIZING BRACES” The Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division (FATD)...
    13. M

      New Sig P320 - anyone seen one in MD yet?

      Just wondering if anyone has one seen these in MD yet? My local gunshops in the Whitemarsh area don't have them. Does anyone know when they might be available? Thanks. Best, Jim
    14. Smitch521

      Just picked up a SIG 556R

      Hi All, I just recently returned from Mid County Gun Shop in the Preston area with a brand new second generation SIG 556R. First things first, I have to say that I had a great experience at Mid County Gun Shop. Top notch! It is a bit of a drive from Salisbury but the transfer went seamlessly...
    15. Sig P6

      Sig P6

    16. Sig P6

      Sig P6

    17. Sig P6

      Sig P6

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