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    1. Gabagool

      Help me choose a 10/22 scope!

      Hey all, Received a 16 inch 10/22 for my birthday and I want to add an optic to it. I may buy an 18" barrel in a few years, but the gun will probably stay stock for the foreseeable future. Pretty much just a plinker. I have just about narrowed my choices down to these three, but I have...
    2. HumbleEinstein

      Preferred Sight Setup? Do you run BUIS? Take the Poll

      Lately, I've been noticing some pics posted where people are running red dot sights with no BUIS. This surprises me because I'm not sure you can be absolutely sure your red dots will work, no matter how reliable to date. How frequently is this done? So I'm wondering do you run red dots with...
    3. K

      Optics for a CVA Optima .50 cal

      I just bought myself a new toy, a CVA Optima .50 caliber muzzleloader pistol. It is 14" long and can handle up to a 100gr charge. I've wanted a Traditions Vortek for some time now, but in my opinion, the Optima is a better weapon because it has a 30% higher powder capacity, it is pre-fit...

      Scope ring spacers 30mm to 1"

      Well I found some perfect rings for my 1" scope, but they are 30mm. The width of each ring is 25mm, so I need some 30mm to 1" spacers/inserts/reducers that are 25mm wide. The "GG&G 30Mm To 1" Ring Reducers" are only 16mm long. I know I can buy two sets of these and cut them down, but I'd...
    5. S Scope 3-9x40 Scope $29.88

      Built specifically for use with heavy-recoiling black-powder rifles. Generous 3.75" of eye relief. Multicoated lenses deliver superior light transmission for clear images, even in low light. Hand-turn 1/4-MOA click adjustments. Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. Tubes are rugged 1" machined...
    6. S

      Scope Ring size for 40mm Nikon Prostaff on a 10/22 ?

      I have a 18.5 carbine barrel and am keeping the iron sights installed. I will be mounting an incoming 40mm Prostaff on the std Ruger scope mount. Do I need medium or high rings to still clear the sights?
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