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    1. Deep Lurker


      All Maryland Shooters members are invited to celebrate the life of our late brother and fellow MDS member “Rack&Roll“ at a memorial service for Jeff Hulbert at his home Church, conducted by Greg St. Cyr, Lead Pastor of Bay Area Community Church, at 1 PM on Saturday, June 26th, 2021. Bay Area...
    2. Deep Lurker

      Rack&Roll Memorial in Annapolis MON 5/10/21

      Please join us next Monday night: May 10, 2021 at 8 PM on the public sidewalk at College Avenue and Bladen Street in Annapolis in front of Lawyers Mall for a candlelight memorial service to honor the courageous life and legacy of the late Jeff Hulbert, who passed away on Monday this week after a...
    3. Deep Lurker

      PATRIOT RIFLES at VCDL Lobby Day 2021!

      PATRIOT RIFLES will participate at the 2021 VCDL LOBBY DAY in Richmond! PATRIOT RIFLES is the newest element of PATRIOT PICKET! PATRIOT RIFLES was created to exercise our Long Gun Open Carry (LGOC) rights AS FREE PATRIOTS next month near and around the historic Virginia Statehouse during the...
    4. Deep Lurker

      VCDL 2A Rally in NoVA 6/13!

      Join PATRIOT PICKET as we support VIRGINIA CITIZENS DEFENSE LEAGUE! VCDL is hosting a PRO-2A/PRO-CARRY RALLY in Alexandria, VA this Saturday afternoon, 13 June 2020 from 2 - 6 PM! The weather for the VCDL Rally will be...
    5. Deep Lurker


      The Little Billionaire Mikey Bloomturd is coming to a FOX NEWS TOWN HALL in Manassas, VA on MONDAY NIGHT, March 2, 2020! The FOX NEWS TOWN HALL venue is on the very edge of the historic MANASSAS NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD. We are labeling this righteous 2A action: “The Battle of THIRD MANASSAS”...
    6. Deep Lurker


      As one of my girlfriends explained to me: “you can't be FIRST, but you can be NEXT.” Although RICHMOND’s Gun Rights Rally was FIRST, ANNAPOLIS can be NEXT to hold a State Capitol GUN RIGHTS RALLY that gets publicity and attention for our Maryland 2A rights. If you missed Richmond, this rally...
    7. Deep Lurker

      Accomack County 2A Sanctuary Vote 12/18!

      Virginia and Maryland Patriots! Join us at the next PATRIOT PICKET event on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2019! You’ve no doubt heard about it, read about it, and perhaps thought about it: the Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement! Now you can actively support it: take part in the Second...
    8. Deep Lurker

      MDS Saluted on GUN TALK TV

      MARYLAND SHOOTERS received a big 2A salute on GUN TALK TV, during an interview last Monday, December 2, 2019 in front of the SUPREME COURT! GUN TALK LIVE host Tom Gresham was present at SCOTUS that morning to attend the 10 AM oral argument in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City...
    9. Stoveman

      Patriot Picket at SCOTUS for NYSRPA v NY

      Join us less than one week from today in front of the Supreme Court while the oral arguments for NYSRPA v NY are being heard. All of the big anti groups are spending Bloomberg and Soros dollars with charter busses to get the Mommies, Giffords' Goons, the Brady Bunch and the Pout for Our...
    10. J

      SoMD Patriot Picket

      Please drop by J2 Defense this Friday around 5 PM to support the Patriot Picket and learn how we can enhance our effectiveness in defending our constitutional rights. J2 Defense 97 Skiphack Road, Unit 1 Prince Frederick, MD 20678 (301) 904-6156
    11. buellsfurn

      Patriot Picket Calvert Co.
    12. Deep Lurker

      DE OUTDOORS EXPO 4/27 - 4/28!

      ATLANTIC TACTICAL FIREARMS TRAINING of Salisbury, MD has a booth at the Delmarva OUTDOORS EXPO in Delaware this weekend! EXPO Admission is FREE for KIDS age 12 and under! Adults only $5! Atlantic Tactical website: Atlantic Tactical Firearms Training is an...
    13. Deep Lurker

      Delaware Goes WWNC 2019!

      Delaware goes “WE WILL NOT COMPLY” at the Statehouse in Dover today! The Patriot Picket WWNC campaign has spread! Thank you to the PP and MDS members here who have courageously stood for defending our Rights! Thanks to Kenpo333 for the first pics from the rally. Below: Kenpo333 and...
    14. Deep Lurker

      Pictures of Sine Die 2019

      I am creating a photo album to document the long day of MGA Sine Die 2019 activities. We who captured these moments want to thank all the many MDS, MSI, MSRPA, PATRIOT PICKET and many other individuals and organizations whose cheerful presence, steadfast determination and positive attitude...
    15. Rack&Roll

      Patriot Picket County Captains

      With an eye toward the “evolving political realities” in Maryland, it’s time to call a Patriot Picket audible. In order to better bring our 2A messages/responses to more Maryland voters and politicians, it’s time to deploy at a true “grass roots” level all across our state--from Deep Creek...
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