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    7. 1

      WTB: Mosin Nagant

      I am looking for a "cheap" Mosin Nagant. It does not have to be in great condition, I am not a collector. I missed out on the surplus prices a few years back but would still like to own one. If any of you guys have an extra one you are willing to part with or know where I can get one please let...
    8. D

      WTB Mosin Ammo Spam Can

      Looking to pick up a can or two of 7.62x54R Mosin ammo. Preferably a 440 can rather than an 880 crate for storage reasons, but I am not picky.
    9. G

      Old Mosin Nagant M44 question

      Hello MD Shooters! 1st thread.. I just picked up a 1943 Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine and I was wondering, is this 1 of 50,000 that were used in WWII before it was officially produced in 1944? I'm a complete nubie to Mosins and would really appreciate any feedback on my rifle and if anyone knows...
    10. SCAR762

      mosin m44 pistol grip?

      found this on amazon today was wondering if anyone had any idea on the quality and effectiveness of this grip?
    11. SCAR762

      Trying to do a mosin build need suggestions

      i have a m91/30 and an m44 both in great condition, but im trying to customize one of them and if i do does anyone know were i could get a great synthitic stock and rail system for them
    12. surprisinglyminty

      $80 SHOOTERS X GRADE Russian 91/30(AIM)

      SHOOTERS X GRADE Russian 1891/30 7.62x54R Mosin Nagants @ AIM Surplus. Pretty solid deal for a shooter. Not sure how "beat" these puppies will be but a nice price. I'm about to pull the trigger(no pun intended) for the intention for a Archangel build...the thought of a magazine is too tempting...
    13. kazan182

      Alans Armory has East German stamped HEX MN91/30's

      I remember some folks asking about a hex receiver MN. A good bit of money and was wondering about how collectable the East German stamped rifles are. $300-$350, mid 30's manufacturing. Some Tula some Izhevsk. Come with std accessory pack.
    14. E

      FFL transfer Question

      (this may or may not be in the right section, feel free to move it), anyways, I'm going to Accurate Pawn today to talk about having them do an FFL transfer for me, and had a few questions that I couldn't find the answer to via the search. Sooo, once the Company selling the firearm is in...
    15. Mosin Nagant Of The Future!

      Mosin Nagant Of The Future!

      M44 carbine, custom rail system, laser, compensator, 3-12x50 illuminated scope, ATI stock, ammo holder, bipod
    16. Mosin 91/30z

      Mosin 91/30z

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