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    1. Polymer 80 PFC9 Compact 9MM (G19 Clone)

      For sale Polymer 80 PFC9 Compact 9MM (G19 Clone)

      Selling my P80 PFC9. Gun has less than 50 rounds through it. This is the G19 equivalent. 2 included mags blocked at 10 rounds for MD compliance. Transfer at MD State Police Annapolis Barracks. Buyer is responsible for fee's associated with Barracks transfer. NOTE: Viridian light/green...
    2. LCP2 With Talon Grips - Viridian Laser - 3 mags  - Ammo

      For sale LCP2 With Talon Grips - Viridian Laser - 3 mags - Ammo

      Up for sale is my Ruger LCP2. Has Talon Grip wrap - Viridian Exact fit red laser. Comes with 3 mags (2 extended one standard) I have the original box and all original paperwork and soft holster. I have the Viridian laser box as well. Will also come with 3 boxes of new ammo pictured. Has had...
    3. Glock 26 Gen 5 Like New!

      For sale Glock 26 Gen 5 Like New!

      Gun comes with original paperwork, 3 10 rd mags, easy loader, bore cleaner, and extra grip sizes!. In great shape!
    4. Ruger SR22

      For sale Ruger SR22

    5. 44 Remington Magnum (2 boxes) - PRICE DROPPED!!!

      For sale 44 Remington Magnum (2 boxes) - PRICE DROPPED!!!

      $35 for both. Two boxes of fifty rounds each. (A box of 50 averages about $45 online) FCFS. Local sale FTF in Annapolis, MD.
    6. Polymer 80 9mm - Not an 80 build. This is their production gun

      For sale Polymer 80 9mm - Not an 80 build. This is their production gun

      Selling my polymer 80 9mm glock clone. I did not build this one. This is their production model (IS on the MD Roster). Comes with 2 mags. Gun has less than 50 rounds through it. Viridian Light/Laser is NOT included. Transfer at MSP Annapolis Barracks. Buyer is responsible for all fees...
    7. L

      For sale Estate Liquidation - Very Large Firearms Collection

      ***ATTENTION*** Most items have been sold. I want to thank everyone for their interest. The remainder I will list individually as it consists mostly of AR-15 parts and things that aren't available for sale in Maryland. Hello Maryland Shooters! I'm liquidating an estate with an extremely large...
      $1.00 to $250,000.00
    8. J


      YARD SALE! Everything is priced to sell but feel free to make offers, lets make a deal! I live near BWI and am willing to meet up nearby, or I can ship at your expense. Items are listed from right to left as they appear in the photographs. U-Loader AR/AK - $40 Blackhawk Omnivore Holster -...
      $5.00 to $800.00
    9. [Kev308]

      How many rounds thru until barrel replacement?

      I was looking thru Sig Sauer website and saw they had 1 barrel in stock for a pistol I own. The handgun is 13 years old and I figured I should get it in case it never comes in stock again. (Now that they are moving on to newer models) This is a gun I hope to never sell. I don't shoot it...
    10. My 1st Gun

      My 1st Gun

      Beretta APX Compact
    11. C

      Handguns manufactured prior to 1985

      Sorry to be so vague here, but could someone explain the '1985 rule' to me? I'm assuming the handgun still needs to be registered with MSP even if purchased from an online retailer. Do I need to prove the manufacture date? Are there any handguns manufactured prior to 1985 that would NOT be...
    12. B

      We'll... The State Just Approved My 2nd Amendment Right

      Just got approved for my HQL last night. I am thrilled. Now for my first handgun. I'm looking at a Beretta 96a1. Thoughts on 40s&w. Tell me what you think in the comments.
    13. S

      Done with the 1911 experiment

      Got a Dan Wesson Specialist 9mm a couple months ago and have ran a couple thousand rounds through it. I love how accurate the gun is and how it makes me look like a better shooter than I am, but alas the tradeoff is not worth it. It worked pretty well in sandy/dry environments (Wilson combat...
    14. C

      Question Regarding Handgun Ownership

      Hello all, Put simply, I am a SC resident currently in MD on military orders. If buying a handgun in PA then bringing that handgun to MD, are there any tasks I need to complete? Would I still require an HQL since I am not a resident of MD but simply here on orders? Would there be a 7day hold...
    15. D

      Guns and Medical Marijuana: An Illegal Mix, According to Feds

      MSI President Mark Pennak recently spoke with Fox45 Baltimore on how using cannabis for medicinal purposes denies the user their right to keep and bear arms completely. https://foxbaltimore.com/features/operation-crime-justice/guns-and-medical-marijuana-an-illegal-mix-according-to-feds
    16. Cold Steel

      HQL Question

      If one already owns a regulated handgun, I understand they don't have to take the HQL course. I just have to submit fingerprints to get my HQL. If so, where do I get the fingerprint cards and do I need to submit a photo as well? How do they ascertain I have a handgun? And how long does it...
    17. K

      KY resident giving firearms to MD resident father.

      Hello from Kentucky! I’m leaving for basic training in a couple of months and I’ve decided to give my firearms to my father, a Maryland resident who doesn’t currently own any guns, before I go. I’ve been reading up on the laws in Maryland but I’ve still got a few questions so I can make sure...
    18. T

      MD Resident buying a handgun from out of state resident (Private Sale)

      Ok I have looked on many Maryland Law websites and have found no clear cut answer. I am buying a handgun (Glock 17 Mos) off of my friend. I am a Maryland Resident and he is a DE resident and I need to know the logistics of this sale. Is there a wait period after he sells me the gun. If so who...
    19. H

      Maryland HQL

      This Saturday Nov. 12th 10am-2pm we are offering a extremely affordable HQL class. FINGERPRINTS & BACKGROUND INCLUDED. One stop shop to get you up to speed on handgun safety and use. You will get your certification to be allowed to purchase a handgun in MD. Military and law enforcement are...
    20. T

      Military non resident

      Hi I am in the military stationed here in Maryland. I am a Texas resident and have no interest in being a Maryland resident ever. Saying this I would like to know exactly what I need to do to bring a handgun, that I have at home, legally into the state. I have read some of the laws stating that...
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