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    1. SkiPatrolDude

      Joe Biden's Plan to End Gun Violence

      Just going to leave this here. A few day's ago Biden rolled out his "Plan to End Gun Violence". Click past the donation page. As the "presumtive nominee", I feel this might be worth it's own thread. I used search feature and am surprised a thread hasn't been made yet. If it's a dupe or...
    2. M

      Vote on this poll from MSN!

      Scroll down to the bottom of the article for the poll questions.
    3. M

      Gun-Tracking Chips Using GPS in CHina

      My guess is we'll see US politicians begin clamoring for this tracking capability soon, first for "assault rifles" then for all guns. Stay alert! As reported in a US defense newsletter last week: Gun-Tracking Chip Created by China Tech Firm to Keep Nation’s Weapons Under Surveillance By...
    4. Primary 2020

      Primary 2020

      Don't Be a Blind Voter
    5. J

      RAND Study on Gun Control Laws

      I think the RAND study of the effects of gun control laws may be of interest: JB
    6. highli99

      Democrats use guns to kill innocents while republicans use them for self defense

      Interesting blog by Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) addressing why there is no compromise on gun control: I think he makes some salient points! What think ye?
    7. Obey Your Master

      Obey Your Master

      The result of gun control.
    8. D

      Gov. Larry Hogan - "This issue goes beyond gun control." Discuss...
    9. D

      Calls for more gun control in Baltimore

      Never put a tragedy to waste, I suppose. I'd ask Mr. Hickman what those pistols would be doing if people weren't aiming them at others and pulling the trigger. Go figure. But hold on a...
    10. D

      Gun Rights Versus Anecdotes

      Gun Rights Versus Anecdotes Which side wins depends on whether one can reason or simply react emotionally. For a while back in the Winter, a retired philosophy professor (who wants to remain anonymous) and I exchanged a few emails and, from him, snail mail, discussing gun rights. After not...
    11. Mike

      More Gun Control? CDC Study

      Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I did not see this listed on this site... Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence The study is...
    12. D

      McAuliffe to Infringe the 2A in VA

      New infringements will be introduced tomorrow.
    13. FWPhoto

      Moms Demand Action "Event" At Hogan's Office Tomorrow

      FYI: MDA is set to cackle at Hogan's office at noon tomorrow. So far only 4 have replied as going and one of those is Heather from 1MMAGC. If anyone is in that area tomorrow, you might want to drop in and show some counter support. I've cross posted this on the MDSF facebook page as well...
    14. B

      Anthony Brown's Campaign Workers Refuse to Answer 2A Questions (video)

      Hey Everybody, It's been a bit since my last post on this forum. This is something I wanted to share with everyone here, as it pertains to gun rights here in Maryland. Last week, in response to Anthony Brown's ad featuring two police officers talking about gun control, I posted this comment on...
    15. IDFInfantry

      If we aren't careful this could happen here!

      It's so sad and so ridiculous that I have no comment! :sad20:
    16. R

      Call to Decision - Gun Control Too many good articles at this link to post them individually. Enjoy!
    17. ews25

      gun control propaganda

      My apologies if this is a double post. Presented for your reading pleasure is lefty pol-strategist gun control propaganda (i.e., "messaging") guidance. PREVENTING GUN VIOLENCE THROUGH EFFECTIVE MESSAGING PREPARED BY: FRANK O’BRIEN | OMP JOHN NEFFINGER AND MATTHEW KOHUT | KNP...
    18. A

      Excellent Blair Lee column on "Booze Control" satirizes Gun Safety Act

      Brilliant satire by Blair Lee in the Gazette. Copyrighted text removed- joppaj
    19. NickZac

      Best gun control video I have ever seen.

      This is fantastic and hopefully not a repost given how many vids are currently active (it's pretty recent). It discusses how congress does NOT have the legal authority to infringe upon guaranteed rights...and it specifies how it is in violation of the oaths they take to attempt to undermine the...
    20. T

      Gun Control Made Easy

      I found this article today and thought it had some very interesting perspectives on the current debate about 2A in America, it is lengthy but a very good read IMHO...
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