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    1. Glaron

      Awesome Gun Testimony

      I saw this and had to share. A Heritage Foundation Expert Testifies.
    2. M

      Question regarding a SPAS-12

      I've got a friend, lives in VA, that wants to go shooting with me. He owns a SPAS-12, which he owned before October 2013. Is this grandfathered and thus okay to bring into and shoot in MD, or is it a banned assault weapon that is no-go to bring in and take to a range because he didn't have it in...
    3. marte616


      All, Long time, no see. I have been traveling a lot to the United States, a wonderful free country where citizens' Constitutional rights are not trampled by politicians everyday. Now that I am back in Soviet Maryland, I have a situation I need some advice on: I recently sold two...
    4. G

      Stripped Lower after October?

      Could I still buy a stripped AR lower manufactured after October? It doesnt have a pistol grip or stock, magazine, etc. So would it be affected or not by this BS?
    5. ...

      "Assault weapon" transfer if SB-281 passes

      I just had this thought and I wanted others to look into it and tell me if I'm wrong. If SB-281 passes, then we can still transfer assault weapons in the immediate family. Let's say I meet someone that does not have an AR-15, but wants one after SB-281 passes. I can't sell it to him...
    6. A

      Raskin on AWB: Cosmetic features cause mass killings Senator Jamie Raskin: "Those cosmetic features are precisely what appeal to those mass shooters. They think that they look cool," Raskin says. "They are military-style assault weapons and they are...
    7. A

      Dels. Dumais & Simmons push back on WaPo reports on Md. AWB

      On liberal insider blog, Simmons and Dumais offer tremendous insight into their views on pending legislation, especially the "Assault Weapons" Ban. They rebuke WaPo on mis-reporting and simplistic editorials, and chide O'Malley for strong-arming legislators. But they remain very non-committal...
    8. A

      Breaking: Dumais openly flipping *against* "full ban" on 'AWs'!!!

      Don't count your chickens before they hatch, but this is breaking in the Washington Post about a manifest fissure on the Judiciary Committee about the so-called "Assault Weapons" ban in Maryland: Proposals to change Maryland gun bill would allow some semiautomatic rifles <snip> Del...
    9. Bushwood

      sig sauer 522 AWB?

      Greetings from Pasadena, first REAL post... Okay, sorry to ask stupid questions, as this may have been answered before, but I am thinking about picking up a sig sauer 522 to plink around on the farm with, but will this be included in the AWB? Will the bill prevent me from transporting it? I...
    10. marte616

      AGC letter writing tool

      AGC has a letter writing app that will let you communicate with everyone in Annapolis. Here is what i just sent: As an honorably-discharged, retired and disabled military man I am repulsed by attacks on our liberties and Constitutional rights by the legislature and Governor of this "Free...
    11. T


      (UPDATED 1/16/13) Here we go everyone: HB 107 Delegate Gutierrez, et al FIREARMS – DETACHABLE MAGAZINES – MAXIMUM CAPACITY FOR AMMUNITION Reducing to 10 rounds the maximum capacity for ammunition of a detachable magazine for a firearm that can be manufactured, sold, offered for sale...
    12. S

      Therapeutic Reading for any Defender of the 2nd A There are 7 parts, all excellent reads. More current, his letter to Congress in regards the proposed AWB:
    13. W

      AR-15 :The Gun that they Love to hate Your Thoughts?
    14. S

      True AWB in MD via O'Malley and Judiciary

      All, Been a MD Shooters member for a while but been quiet but coming up for air with events over the past two weeks. Especially supposed proposals upcoming that would truly ban AR-15s, AK pattern rifles and anything else black and scary, limit magazines downward to half of the current limit...
    15. marte616

      AR 15 Hammerhead Grip-anyone? Check this out? Could this be a way of eliminating or ameliorating a future ban on "evil" features, e.g., pistol grip of the AR? A work around to an AWB? They are legal in Maryland's twin communist Republic...
    16. S

      "Barrel Shrouds Should Be Banned"!!!!!

      Good argument against an AWB, and written by a left leaner. If a scientist or engineer ignored facts, statistics, and/or physics to design an airplane resulting in the deaths of...
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