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    1. Deep Lurker

      Rack&Roll Memorial in Annapolis MON 5/10/21

      Please join us next Monday night: May 10, 2021 at 8 PM on the public sidewalk at College Avenue and Bladen Street in Annapolis in front of Lawyers Mall for a candlelight memorial service to honor the courageous life and legacy of the late Jeff Hulbert, who passed away on Monday this week after a...
    2. Deep Lurker

      Gen. Washington Resigned Today

      On this date in 1783, in our historic Maryland Statehouse, General George Washington resigned his Commission in the Continental Army, before the assembled members of the Continental Congress. From Wikipedia: Washington arrived at Annapolis on December 19, 1783, and was greeted by General...
    3. montoya32

      Time to back up your keystrokes!!!

      I Got to thinking. We have a lot of members who post here in this forum very, very frequently. I know many are quite active, besides behind their keyboard, but I wanted to see who the most active members are here. Will ALL of you be in Annapolis on the 25th and 27th? I know I will...
    4. D

      A Guide - How to Testify in Annapolis

      Maryland Shall Issue has a handy-dandy guide on how to testify in Annapolis. With the current General Assembly in session and the first gun bills slated to be heard next week, a refresher couldn't hurt...
    5. D

      House Judicial Proceedings - THE GUN BILLS - LIVE FEED

      Live Feed Link: (Using a browser other than Chrome may ease in viewing the feed. Be sure your Adobe Flash is up to date.) We're live! Being heard today: MSI's Legislation...
    6. D

      Inauguration Day Carpool Thread

      Since Inauguration Day's only a week from tomorrow, how's about getting a carpool thread together? If you can offer a ride for fellow members from your area down to Annapolis, post here :) Parking will be at a premium! I have room for 3 (maybe 4 if you're small enough) from Dundalk.
    7. A

      Breaking: Dumais openly flipping *against* "full ban" on 'AWs'!!!

      Don't count your chickens before they hatch, but this is breaking in the Washington Post about a manifest fissure on the Judiciary Committee about the so-called "Assault Weapons" ban in Maryland: Proposals to change Maryland gun bill would allow some semiautomatic rifles <snip> Del...
    8. A

      "Official Slogans" from 'MDers to Prevent Gun Violence'

      The latest e-mail to rally the antis contains some chuckles (amidst the predictable rhetoric) and some sign-making tips from Big Brother (or shall we say 'Big MOM'?): "So far, we have generated more than 8,000 contacts to the legislature in support of the governor's proposals. And, tomorrow...
    9. R

      Live Stream/TV coverage for Feb 6 ?

      Does anyone have info concerning a live stream or Tv coverage for the hearing tomorrow for those of us who can't attend? I did a little searching and the best thing I could find was Maryland General Assembly On the right side under "What's Happening Now" there are links to listen live...
    10. S

      True AWB in MD via O'Malley and Judiciary

      All, Been a MD Shooters member for a while but been quiet but coming up for air with events over the past two weeks. Especially supposed proposals upcoming that would truly ban AR-15s, AK pattern rifles and anything else black and scary, limit magazines downward to half of the current limit...
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