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    1. Atlantic Firearms.com


      DPMS-Panther Arms is back in production of their AR15 Rifle lines . DPMS also is offering a variety of AR-15 Uppers , AR 15 lower receivers and other support parts.They are also introducing a line of DPMS AK 47 rifles called the ANVIL. It is great to see new models being offered to shooters for...
    2. S

      7.62x39 30.9 cpr shipped

      Use coupon code VTJ for $20 off 250+...
    3. G

      Need press to complete ak barrel assembly

      Im about to order the toth tool but will still need to press rear sight and front sight/ gas block. Anyone have a press I could use?
    4. W

      Ohio Rapid Fire Bulgarian slr-105 AK74 legal in Maryland?

      In need of advice to confirm the following: Is an Arsenal AK74 (slr-105) produced from Ohio Rapid Fire legal in Maryland? The MD firearms list provides information for both the slr-104 and slr-106 (in different variants) but I want to confirm. I will be reaching out to a couple FFLs to get...
    5. S


      Anyone know of anyone carrying the M+M M10x and the asking price?
    6. A

      AK47 2015 WASR 10

      My first purchase of 2016 and since moving to PA, is my first AK47, the 2015 model WASR 10!! :D There were many factors and research that factored into my final choice of variant. I didn't want to spend over 1k for starters, but keep it a budget buy. I did want to have the ability to swap the...
    7. D

      Arsenal Sam7 SF ?

      I have been wanting an AK for a very long time--about ten years. I'm finally going to pull the trigger and I've pretty much decided on the Arsenal Sam7 with the side folding stock. (I live in Virginia now) I think I've found a good deal on a NIB: $1,450 plus $87 tax, so $1,537 out the door...
    8. Overboost44

      AK-47 Bayonets $25

      I know nothing about these, but they say they are authentic and come with a sheath. This is just one image. http://www.13deals.com/store/item.php?id=36759
    9. S

      unconverted saiga sporter legal in MD?

      are the saiga sporter rifles still available in MD? i searched the forums and didn't find any kind of definitive answer.
    10. omegaZ87

      Can we still buy AK-47s in MD?

      Now that the new laws have come into effect, are there any AK variants that are still legal to purchase in MD? A local dealer told me that you can still purchase heavy barrel ARs, so I'm wondering if this is also the case with some AK variants I appreciate any insight into the matter.
    11. kooJoe

      AK build party

      Greetings And Salutations from the eastern shore. I'm new to this site and the ak world, consequently I'm interested in finding someone who would be willing to coach me along a build, or possibly allow me to join a build party. I have a 100% receiver and 80% receiver, both stamped and a...
    12. omegaZ87

      Major Issue with my first AK !!!

      Hey everyone, Not sure if you remember but over 3 months ago I wrote about how I bought my first severely overpriced assault rifle due to being in panic mode from seeing empty shelves at every LGS. It was a Romanian WASR-10 that I paid a bit over a grand for. Well it just came in over the...
    13. omegaZ87

      AK-47 Price Gouging Question

      I just bought a WASR on impulse for $1000 from a local gun shop last week They are charging 75 bucks restocking fee if I want to return - do you think I should just stick with it or should I take the $75 hit and wait for a better deal to come around ($7-8oo) ??? Prior to the purchase I...
    14. U

      Which AK-47 is best?

      I'm looking to buy an AK and was wondering what everyone's opinions were on brands. Thanks
    15. This One Goes To Eleven

      Big Thanks to GC for my first AK!

      I got to bring home my new CAI M1960 today. Big thanks to the friendly staff at GC who always made sure to help me out even when it was busy. Definitely going to be my go-to shop from now on. When I got it home my two 30rd Tapco mags as well as the 20rd Tapco that came with it would not lock...
    16. This One Goes To Eleven

      Milled AK47 Question

      So I was thinking of buying one of these. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct876.aspx From my understanding, only the handguards and stocks have fitting issues with stamped v. milled. Does anyone know how much work is involved fitting furniture that was intended for stamped...
    17. Yugoslavian M70b2

      Yugoslavian M70b2

      Parkerized/Composite Yugoslavian M70B2
    18. Ak-47


      WASR-10 1982 AK-47
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