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    1. Original SKS Fixed Magazine (New/Complete) + 7 Stripper Clips 7.62x39

      For sale Original SKS Fixed Magazine (New/Complete) + 7 Stripper Clips 7.62x39

      The magazine came off of an old SKS that I had back in the 80's/90's. I removed this when I converted it to detachable mag fed. Like new condition and if I ever used it, it was only a few time. Pivot points still has the original red grease that came on old SKS's. The magazine body...
    2. SLR-106F

      For sale SLR-106F

      *I had a buyer for just the scope until they fell through today. It's once again available with the sight unless someone else decides to buy it. I'll include it with the rifle at a significant discount. Looking for an MD legal 5.56 AK that won't lose headspace after a few magazines? This is...
      $2,500.00 to $2,800.00
    3. Atlantic Firearms.com


      DPMS-Panther Arms is back in production of their AR15 Rifle lines . DPMS also is offering a variety of AR-15 Uppers , AR 15 lower receivers and other support parts.They are also introducing a line of DPMS AK 47 rifles called the ANVIL. It is great to see new models being offered to shooters for...
    4. Deep Lurker


      The stupid is strong with Virginia Democrats. Meet current VA State Senator Joe Morrissey (D), who wants to ban your lawfully owned firearms: https://wset.com/news/at-the-capitol/virginia-lawmaker-jailed-for-teen-sex-scandal-wins-senate-seat...
    5. J

      Greetings from Las Vegas

      Greetings from Las Vegas. Thought I'd jump into the forum to stay aware of all the changes on the firearm's legislation happening in Maryland. Like to stay current on the political landscape and ******** being handed down the pipeline... Want to check out what everyone is saying - get the...
    6. C

      AK Kit - Might Be Over My Head

      Hi All, I'm looking for some knowledgeable advice about an AK kit and receiver I ordered. I thought I could complete the build for about $600, but now realize I need more parts plus access to an A-Frame press that I don't have. So I'm trying to decide if I should cut my losses and resell...
    7. martinithebun

      Arsenal SLR106-47

      http://www.galleryofguns.com/genie/default.aspx?item=slr106-47&utm_source=icontact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly_specials Any Maryland IPs have this? Saw a bunch of Virginia Dealers with it right around or below MSRP. Looking for it or something similar in 5.45.
    8. Yugoslavian M70b2

      Yugoslavian M70b2

      Parkerized/Composite Yugoslavian M70B2
    9. S

      Scott's Gunsmithing Feedback Thread

      I'll be the first to give the thumbs up to Scott's Gunsmithing. I haven't personally bought a gun from them (not yet, at least), but I've been in a few times. Last time was to get scope and rings mounted. I've seen their interactions with customers and they're fair and definitely willing...
    10. My Ak Is Bigger Than Your Ak   :p

      My Ak Is Bigger Than Your Ak :p

      12 ga Saiga Shotgun
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