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    1. Bear Creek Arsenal .22 LR Right Side Charging Upper, 16"

      For sale Bear Creek Arsenal .22 LR Right Side Charging Upper, 16"

      Lightly used in box. From the manufacturer's website: BC-22 | .22 LR Branded Right Side Charging Upper | 16" Parkerized Heavy Barrel | 1:16 Twist | 15" MLOK SKU: 274NB-UASCH22LHB16116P-15M3 This BCA AR-15 complete 22 long rifle length upper has a 16" heavy barrel with a parkerized finish...
    2. Ruger SR22

      For sale Ruger SR22

    3. .22 LR 40 gr Copper Plated RN

      For sale .22 LR 40 gr Copper Plated RN

      1000 rounds Black Copper Plated 22lr Ammo. 40 Grain 1255 FPS Round Nose Local Pickup, please.
    4. Lemkowot

      Wanted Browning Buck Mark 22lr 1990s

    5. M&P 15-22 with extras

      For sale M&P 15-22 with extras

    6. Walther P22 CA ($200)

      For sale Walther P22 CA ($200)

    7. Remington 22LR hollow point

      For sale Remington 22LR hollow point

      Remington 22LR 550 rounds one box available
    8. PENDING - Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR

      For sale PENDING - Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR

      Up for sale is a good condition Ruger Precision Rimfire in 22LR. About 200 rounds through it. Shoots suppressed very well. Like Hollywood quiet with subsonic ammo. Can come with the Sig MSR red dot or a PA 6x ACSS Rimfire scope. I am located on the Shore but willing to travel to the...
    9. T

      Winchester Wildcat Rifle, 22LR

      Does anyone have any experience with the Winchester Wildcat Rifle, 22LR? Its a relatively new firearm, made in Turkey. The price is very competitive so I'm buying two of them, one for two of my sons. Thanks for any guidance. Bill T
    10. SkiPatrolDude

      Ruger Mk IV plug screw tool question

      Hi all, Wondering If anyone has any insight into what tool is used for the Ruger Mk series plug screws. I have a Mk IV Target in Stainless Steel and I removed the front sight post and want to use the plug screws it came with to fill the void. I managed to jimmy them out with a small...
    11. S

      AR 15 22lr

      Hello everyone, This is my first time post and I am going to be the first time rifle owner in MD. I have read online about first time shooter. It is recommended that first timer should go with .22 caliber gun. But i cannot decide whether buying AR 15 5.56 and buy the conversion kit or buying...
    12. T

      Recommend a cheap 22lr pistol

      I'm looking to buy a cheap 22lr pistol, it must be $400 or under and have a threaded barrel. so far from my research I have found two I like one is the sig mosquito and the other is the firefly by ATI which looks like a clone of the sig. I'm just unsure about their reliability.
    13. IDFInfantry

      Ruger 22/45 Mark IV Tactical

      Does anyone know a reason why MSP wouldn't approve the Ruger 22/45 Mark IV Tactical? I believe the model number (40149) was submitted long ago but the pistol is still not on the handgun roster. Is it the scary "Tacticoolness"? :lol:
    14. E

      New Member

      Hi all, My name is Ricardo and I live in Maryland. I'm also a junior at firearms and would live to gain knowledge about the subject. Im currently interested in 22lr calibers and would love to get involve ASAP.
    15. A

      DSG In Easton

      Dicks Sporting goods in Easton had plenty of Federal Auto Match 22LR at $18.98 a box.
    16. A

      Remington 514P

      I scooped this old Remington 514P (Peep sight model) last week. I did some research on the markings on the side of the barrel and from what I have gathered was made in 1929 or 1971, which I'm sure is more likely 1971 since they didn't start making these until the late 40's. I couldn't find a...
    17. B

      Brass Stacker Magazine Loader

      While browsing some of my favorite firearm-related Youtube videos this weekend, I ended seeing a video review of the Brass Stacker Mag Loader. The thumb stud attached to the follower on my M&P22 mags always seems hurt my thumb after a long outing at the range. I decided to check the...
    18. TangodownMD

      Legal to purchase and own? M&P15-22

      I've combed the forums and studied the Maryland laws like a prosecutor looking for a conviction, and I cannot find anything that says I can/can't purchase and own the following...
    19. P

      Hello from Brooklyn Park

      Normally only the thugs from Brooklyn Park have guns. But I'm not a thug. I'm interested in some bulls eye competition type shooting with a .22. If you have info, please keep me in the loop. Thanks.
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