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    1. Fajen 10/22 .920 composite stock

      For sale Fajen 10/22 .920 composite stock

      Fajen 10/22 composite stock available. Pretty sure they aren't made anymore so here is your chance to obtain one. Nothing wrong with it I just don't need it anymore and cant stand to see it just sit around. Butt pad and cheek riser adjustable, well made.
    2. C

      10/22 Stock

      I had decided on a Boyds "AT-ONE" stock (atonegunstocks.com) for my target/plinking 10/22 build as it allowed a lot of configuration to accommodate different shooters (daughters/nieces/nephews). I went to check out and their site would not let me purchase it and ship it to MD. I shot them an...
    3. Parallax-Free

      New Ruger 10/22 Build

      I am building another 10/22 (got a screamin' deal on a Collector's Series 2nd Edition) My other 10/22's were kept pretty close to stock. I want to make it into something that could be used for plinking and target shooting and small game hunting if needed. I know most stock 10/22 can make most...
    4. Because I Can

      Because I Can

      Before and after of a 10/22 project
    5. Because I Can

      Because I Can

      Before and after of a 10/22 project
    6. Gabagool

      Help me choose a 10/22 scope!

      Hey all, Received a 16 inch 10/22 for my birthday and I want to add an optic to it. I may buy an 18" barrel in a few years, but the gun will probably stay stock for the foreseeable future. Pretty much just a plinker. I have just about narrowed my choices down to these three, but I have...
    7. retafshooter

      Rimfire at Steel Targets

      I was at AGC shooting some steel targets again yesterday with my Ruger 10/22. LOTS OF FUN!:
    8. G

      Would I have to register my stock?

      I recently bought a Butler Creek folding stock for my 10/22, and it has a pistol drip. and was wondering if this new "Legislation" passes would I have to register my stock? I am under 18 so if it passes what would I do? Just shoot it at home?
    9. Ruger 10/22 Build

      Ruger 10/22 Build

      Built from a stock 10/22 right out of the box.
    10. M

      Ruger 10/22 - BX-25 Magazines

      I replied to someone who was maybe looking for BX-25s but I figured I might as well start an OP in case anyone else was looking for these. I called Ruger today asking about mag ETAs. Take it at face value but the rep said they just received a large consignment of them and that backorders would...
    11. S

      Scope Ring size for 40mm Nikon Prostaff on a 10/22 ?

      I have a 18.5 carbine barrel and am keeping the iron sights installed. I will be mounting an incoming 40mm Prostaff on the std Ruger scope mount. Do I need medium or high rings to still clear the sights?
    12. S

      Blackhawk/Knoxx Axiom 10/22 Rifle Stock for $46 shipped

      This is the foliage green color. Amazon also has a link for the rebate. The coyote tan stock (which I purchased) is about the same price. The Knoxx stock weighs about a pound less than the std 10/22 hardwood stock and has an adjustable LoP. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003C6BRTC/ My son...
    13. A Work In Progress

      A Work In Progress

    14. Guns


    15. Guns


      Family portrait
    16. Ruger 10/22

      Ruger 10/22

      Ruger 10/22 nothing fancy, shoots anything I put in it.
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