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Location: West Virginia
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2014 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship

Looks like NSSF finally took over the Ruger Rimfire Challenge from Ruger like they were going to do in 2013. And the 2014 World Championship will be back at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa OK for the second straight year. That was a really first class shooting venue there in 2013. Of the 3 I have shot only the 2011 event at the Founder's Ranch in New Mexico came close.
Rule book has a new look but the 2/2013 rules from Ruger are still in effect. All events other than the WC the prize table is by lottery.
The Lewistown Pistol Club in Lewistown, PA will be running the Central PA NSSF Rimfire Challenge on 10/4-5/2014 in addition to their monthly matches on the 1st Sunday of each month starting on 1/5/2014.
I think Sanner's Lake is going to run their monthly matches in MD in 2014 also.
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