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Exclamation Group Buy - Bar-sto barrels for Sig P225

I've been contacting Rebekah at Bar-sto about setting up another group buy since I missed out on the first. So we have everything set up, just need 50 orders.

Here's the info I have from Rebekah at Bar-sto.

If you are interested email me at srairmanjeff@yahoo.com with your name, best phone # to reach you on, and what kind of barrel(s) you want. Options and prices are listed below. Once we have 50 then we'll call her directly with payment information. A 50% deposit is required when you place the order

The email below is instructions on how to place an order for a 225/228 barrel AFTER we have rounded up all 50 or more orders. Please do not call to place an order for a 225/228 barrel until instructed to do so. Thank you!

To place your order for a Sig 225/228 barrel, you need to contact me by phone with all your contact and payment information. If that somehow is not possible, please contact me at Barstoinfo@uia.net. We do not ship outside of the United States. When we receive all orders and payment, approximate wait time on the production of these barrels will be 16-18 weeks. If you do not want to wait that long, please let us know now. If you later decide to back out on your order, there will be a fee in order for us to refund your money. When you place the order, I need all the specs on the barrel. If you want it extended, threaded (need the thread pitch), ported, 6 inch barrel or standard. Pricing goes as followed:

1) Standard barrel: $150.00

2) Extended barrel: $161.25

3) Threaded barrel: $161.25 plus $45.00 for threading, and $25.00 for the thread protector, if you want one.

4) 6 inch barrel: $198.75

5) Ported barrel: $161.25 plus $25.00 for ports.

Shipping charges are NOT included in prices above!

We require a deposit of half down when all 50 orders are placed!!

You have a choice between Semi Drop In (SDI) or Match Target (MT) barrels. 7 out of 10 times our SDI barrel drop right in, other times you may need some minor fitting. Our MT barrels are built oversized for gunsmith fitting. If you order the SDI barrel and it doesn't drop in, you can send the barrel and your slide in for a free fitting. The only thing we ask for is $18.00 for return shipping. If you order the MT barrel and you want us to do the fitting, the fitting charge is $175.00. We also require the cost of return shipping on the pistol which can be from $55.00 to $75.00.

Bar-Sto Precision Machine would like to thank you all for your business!
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bumpity bump
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