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Originally Posted by ToolAA View Post
I went ahead and printed an adapter for my 20-60x eyepiece too to use with the iPhone 12. This one has 2 axis adjustments for the camera to position any of the three lenses directly over the focal point.

Also I downloaded an app called Theodolite which uses the iPhone camera and allows the user to overlay information such as compass heading and elevation angles directly onto the camera view.

Here is screen shot with the eyepiece magnification at 60x and the phone at 2x so effectively 120x magnification. The roofline is 503 yds away.

Same roof with the eyepiece at 60x and the camera at 8x. So effectively 420x magnification.

I donít know exactly how all the siding is but I suspect about 7Ē between panels. So the resolution is pretty good in moderate light conditions. This was taken this evening around 7:30pm.

Also a cool feature of the app is a compass heading satellite or topo map overlay.

That is some very cool stuff. This makes me want a 3D printer now lol.
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