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DAA Primer Pro Quick Review


I reload a lot of 9mm due to my training and competitive shooting hobbies, and I'm one of those dudes who doesn't consider reloading to be a hobby unto itself, just a means to an end. So, the quicker I can pump rounds through my Dillon 650, the better.

Once you've got the case feeder, I think the next stop is getting the primer supply sped up. There's a few options for this, but I liked what I was hearing about the DAA Primer Pro collator, so I gave that a try. It costs $200 off Double Alpha's site. For comparison, the Dillon RF100 is $380. The DAA has no large primer conversion, but is also costs half of what the RF100 does without the conversion...

The DAAPP uses an interesting collator system not unlike the Dillon case feeder. Instead of vibrating, it just has a bowl with a plate that goes around in a circle. You dump a bunch of primers into the bowl (200-400). Primers that are upside down get knocked back off, primers that are the right way get fed down a ramp into your Dillon primer tube. The tube is attached via a magnetic collet, so it pulls straight off when the tube is full, allowing you to dump it straight into your press. There is an optical sensor that detects when 99 primers have been fed into the tube, at which point it shuts off the machine.

I had a problem out the gate where my primers just never seemed to make it to the ramp. DAA's FAQ claimed that loosening the screws connecting the rotating plate to the plate's cover a bit would help solve this, so I gave the screws a half turn, and this seemed to at least get primers down the ramp. It still feels like it could load faster, so I may experiment with loosening them a touch more, but the important part is that it's loading the primers the right way (not upside down) extremely consistently. (I was using Federal primers, which are kind of a best case scenario for it.)

I know a lot of guys are like "why pay $200, I can hunt and peck", but for me, getting those tubes fed quickly over the long-term is worth paying for, and this product seems to do pretty well, at least with some tuning and Federal primers. Plus, since it can handle small rifle primers, it's a solution for 223 when I finally shell out for an RL1100.
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