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sajidakh sajidakh is offline
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sajidakh sajidakh is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 701
Another case of one-upmanship, this time lo behold: California

California is trying to outdo both MD and NY in an effort that seems to label gun owners as no better than sex offenders.

Here's the gist of the proposed law:
-Among the most significant prohibitions imposed by the new legislation is the ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles.

- A ban on high-capacity magazines, prohibiting those that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition. The sale of such magazines was outlawed in the state back in 2000, but possession is still legal.

- Comprehensive background checks for buying ammunition. Gun users will also be obliged to obtain an annual safety certificate which requires them to take courses in gun use and safety.

- A ban on the sale and loan of firearms between people who know each other personally.

- Compulsory insurance to provide for any possible damage they may cause with the firearm.

- A 5 per cent tax to be applied to each bullet, to be donated to policing in crime areas or screening treatment for children.

- Mandatory registration for ammunition sellers.

And the link: http://rt.com/usa/news/toughest-gun-law-california-708/
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