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.277 Sig Fury "non-hybrid" loading (mind exercise)

I have been looking at the up and coming Sig Fury round. There has been no indication yet on whether the steel based rounds will be reloadable, so I got to thinking (always a dangerous consideration)....I am a relative newbie to reloading, so I decided to jump into the deep end of the pool.

Could reloaders load all brass cartridges to pressures more suited to .308 Win or 6.5 CM? If so, what would the parent be?

The base to shoulder dimension on the Fury is 0.0713" longer than a .308 Winchester but the .260 Remington is the same, but the shoulder angle is 10 degrees different. Could .308 be resized and fireformed? Can you change from a 40 degree shoulder to a 30 degree on when shrinking brass 13 and a half thou?

Unless Sig Fury unloaded cartridges will be plentiful and inexpensive, I can see the advantages of loading cheap 6.8 Remington? .277 Winchester? (What would you call it?) for deer and getting full power Fury rounds for distance locales.

Thoughts? Or am I getting too far in the weeds over nothing?

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